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This is part of a series of articles, which describe the steps to integrate an extension workflow using SAP Workflow Management on Business Technology Platform (BTP Workflow) into a Flexible Workflow in SAP S/4HANA OP.

Part 1: Integrating an Extension Workflow on SAP BTP into a Flexible Workflow
Part 2: SAP BTP Cockpit Configuration  for Usage of SAP Workflow Management
Part 3: SAP S/4HANA Backend Configuration to Communicate with SAP BTP
Part 4: User and Roles for SAP BTP Workflow and Flexible Workflow
Part 5: Configure Cloud Connector for Workflow Integration
Part 6: Workflow Scenario with Extension Step
Part 7: Flexible Workflow in Integration Scenario
Part 8: Extension Workflow using SAP Workflow Management on SAP BTP
Part 9: End-to-End Test of Workflow Integration Scenario
Part 10: Problem Solving of Workflow Integration Scenario


1. Prerequisites
2. Activate Workflow Environment via Booster
... 2.1. Process Booster
... 2.2. Steps done automatically by Booster
3. New Space
4. Workflow Instance and Service Key
5. Connectivity Service
6. Download Certificate
7. Get Subaccount ID

1. Prerequisites

Further Information in SAP Help

  • You are a global account administrator on SAP BTP

  • Cloud Foundry environment is enabled; check this in SAP BTP Cockpit >> Subaccount:

  • Your user has the role Space Developer assigned for this subaccount

  • There are credentials for using the Workflow Booster

Remember the value of field Org Name


2. Activate Workflow Environment via Booster

To access a workflow on SAP BTP from an external workflow, you have to do some configuration. In order to ease the setup a tool was built, which collects several steps and processes them autonomously. This is the so called booster.

2.1. Process Booster

Workflow in the Cloud Foundry Environment - Initial Setup - SAP Help Portal

Logon to your SAP BTP cockpit >> Global account

  • Menu >> Boosters

  • Search for Set up account for Workflow Management

  • Click Start

  • After the booster finished, which may take a while, you get this information with lots of useful links:

2.2. Steps done automatically by Booster

The following list describes the activities, which were automatically processed by the booster:

  • Sets up the cockpit for all SAP Workflow Management capabilities: Workflow, Business Rules, Process Visibility, and Workflow Management.

  • Assigns entitlements and quota for: workflow capabilitybusiness rules capability within the SAP Workflow Management serviceprocess visibility capability within the SAP Workflow Management service, and SAP Workflow Management.

  • Creates a space >> remember the space name

  • Enables subscriptions for SAP Business Application Studio and Workflow Management.

  • Creates a service instance for each of these: workflowbusiness rulesprocess visibilityworkflow management service.

  • Creates the following destinations: BUSINESSRULES_APIHUB, BUSINESS_RULES, WM_CF_SPACE_PROVIDER, SAP_API_Business_Hub, bpmprocessvisibilitybpmrulesruntimebpmworkflowmanagementbpmworkflowruntime, and bpmworkflowruntimeoauth.

  • Assigns all role collections of SAP Workflow Management to the user.


3. New Space

You should only process the steps in this subsection, if the booster did not create a new space or you want to use another space. Else you can skip to the next subsection.

Your new SAP BTP workflow is modeled in a space.

Open your SAP BTP cockpit >> subaccount

  • Menu Overview

  • Create a new space on Overview page via button Create Space

  • Check, if the new space is available below Create Space button, which you used before >> remember the space name, sample: WF_MKU

Hint: to delete the space use the following way:

  • SAP BTP cockpit >> Subaccount

  • Menu: Cloud Foundry >> Spaces

  • Push trash icon


4. Workflow Instance and Service Key

Open your SAP BTP cockpit >> subaccount

  • Menu Overview

  • Navigate to your space

  • Menu Services >> Instances

  • If not yet available, create a workflow instance via button Create

  • Popup New Instance or Subscriptions appears. Choose:

    • Service: Workflow

    • Plan: standard

    • Instance Name: instance name, wf_standard_service

    • Click button Next

  • Do not change the parameters

  • Push button Create

  • After a while Status Created is shown

  • If there is no entry in column Credentials, then at the end of your new service line push 3-dots-button (Actions) and choose Create Service Key:

  • Enter a service key name, e.g. wf_service_key and create it. There is no need for additional parameters in our scenario

  • Having successfully generated a workflow service key, will provide parameters, which we need later

  • Click on the link for service key in column Credentials

  • Switch to tab Form instead of JSON

  • Search for Fields and remember the values

    • workflow_rest_url

      • remember domain as hostname

      • remember the part starting with first slash and ending before last slash after domain as path prefix

    • uaa >> clientid

    • uaa >> clientsecret

    • uaa >> url >> remove https:// and append this value by /oauth/token and remember as token endpoint

    • the same way extend above url with /oauth/authorize and remember as authorization endpoint


5. Connectivity Service

In case an onPrem system is connected to the SAP BTP and will call the SAP BTP workflow, then the connectivity service must be used.

Open your SAP BTP cockpit >> subaccount

  • Menu Entitlements

  • Push button Configure Entitlements

  • Push button Add Service Plans

  • Choose in popup on the left side Connectivity >> connectivity_proxy (set checkbox) >> button Add 1 Service Plan

  • Popup closes >> button Save

  • Check, if the needed entitlements are active:


6. Download Certificate

Download SAP BTP Certificate as described in SAP Note 2853519:

Open your SAP BTP cockpit

  • Push lock-icon besides URL field in the browser

  • Push Certificate (Valid)

  • Tab Certification Path

  • Switch to a higher path in case the certificate button is disabled

  • Button Show Certificate >> new popup

  • Tab Details

  • Button Copy to File...

  • Follow the assistance, use Base-64-coded X.509

  • At the end there must be a file - remember certificate's file path and name


7. Get Subaccount ID

Open your SAP BTP cockpit >> global account

  • Menu Subaccounts

  • Find your subaccount on the right side

  • Push Info-Icon (see screenshot below)

  • Remember field ID as Subaccount ID

=> Conclusion: Almost all things on SAP BTP are done and we will come back to this system when creating the SAP BTP workflow in Part 8: Extension Workflow using SAP Workflow Management on SAP BTP (besides a short destination configuration, which is done when setting up the Cloud Connector in Part 5: Configure Cloud Connector for Workflow Integration). Next is to configure the SAP S/4HANA backend system.


>> Next: SAP S/4HANA Backend Configuration to Communicate with SAP BTP