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This is part of a series of articles, which describe the steps to integrate an extension workflow using SAP Workflow Management on Business Technology Platform (BTP Workflow) into a Flexible Workflow in SAP S/4HANA OP.

Part 1: Integrating an Extension Workflow on SAP BTP into a Flexible Workflow
Part 2: SAP BTP Cockpit Configuration  for Usage of SAP Workflow Management
Part 3: SAP S/4HANA Backend Configuration to Communicate with SAP BTP
Part 4: User and Roles for SAP BTP Workflow and Flexible Workflow
Part 5: Configure Cloud Connector for Workflow Integration
Part 6: Workflow Scenario with Extension Step
Part 7: Flexible Workflow in Integration Scenario
Part 8: Extension Workflow using SAP Workflow Management on SAP BTP
Part 9: End-to-End Test of Workflow Integration Scenario
Part 10: Problem Solving of Workflow Integration Scenario


1. Check Connections
... 1.1. Is Cloud Connector Service running?
... 1.2. In CC: Is Subaccount Connected?
... 1.3. In SAP BTP: Is CC connected?
... 1.4. In SAP BTP: Is Destination to Backend working?
2. Checks in Backend System
... 2.1. Event Linkage
... 2.2. Event Trace
... 2.3. Integration with SAP BTP
2. Checks in Backend System

1. Check Connections

This is to summarize, which checks can be done to do a step-by-step analysis of any non working setup.

1.1. Is Cloud Connector Service running?

Check, if the CC service is up and running? See services app on your local PC:

  • Run start menu on your windows machine, enter "services" and run app

  • Search for service SAP Cloud Connector and check Status column

1.2. In Cloud Connector: is Subaccount Connected?

Check, if subaccount in CC is connected

Run your local cloud connector https://localhost:8443

  • Select subaccount in menu (sample WF_AUDIT)

  • Check status (is supposed to be green)

1.3. In SAP BTP: Is Cloud Connector connected?

Check, if SAP BTP and Cloud Connector are connected

Logon to your SAP BTP cockpit >> subaccount

  • Menu Connectivity >> Cloud Connectors

  • Check status (is supposed to be Connected)

1.4. In SAP BTP: Is Destination to Backend working?

Logon to your SAP BTP cockpit >> subaccount

  • Menu Connectivity >> Destinations

  • Choose your destination from table >> destination details are shown below the table

  • Push button Check Connection


2. Checks in Backend System

2.1. Event Linkage

Check, if the workflow starts, when an appropriate event is thrown.

  • Run transaction SWETYPV

  • Search for your business object:

    • Object Category: ABAP Class

    • Object Type: classname, sample ZCL_CAS_AUDIT

    • Event: start event, sample CREATED

    • Receiver Type: Scenario ID, sample WS99900013

  • If you identified the correct entry, double click on it and check

    • Is field Linkage Activated set?

    • Is Receiver Status with No errors?

2.2. Event Trace

Check, what happened with the event:

  • Run transaction SWELS and switch on Event Trace

    • Push button Switch on

    • Check the restrictions (button Restrictions for trace), e.g. Creation date must include today or be initial

Throw the event manually and check the trace:

  • Run transaction SWUE

  • Push button Object key and enter a notional request number, e.g. 0010000999

  • Add other meaningful values

    • Object Category: ABAP Class

    • Object Type: classname, sample: ZCL_CAS_AUDIT

    • Event: start event, sample: CREATED

  • Push button Create Event. Hopefully this is the response:

For further checks push button Event Trace or run transaction SWEL and analyze potential trace messages.

Think of:

  • Does workflow user SAP_WFRT exist and has appropriate permissions?

  • Run transaction SWU3 - are all customizings done?

2.3. Integration with SAP BTP

If the protocol in backend system does not show errors, check if SAP BTP is called correctly via integration monitoring transaction:

  • Run transaction SWF_CPWF_MON

  • Search for your workflow, e.g. via timestamp when it was started

  • Check, if there is a button in column Error; if yes, push this button and try to interpret the message


3. Thanks!

After lots of days testing, documenting, giving way to despair, testing again, programming, asking around, getting help by colleagues I finally finished this series of my blog *yeah* and hope it will help someone at any time.

I tried to give back some of my knowledge to the community after having benefited from other peoples blogs with different topics. Thanks to all around in this huge community.

Special thanks go to my colleagues, without their help this blog would not exist:

  • Basis: Daniel, Andreas, Tobias

  • BTP: Gerald

  • Flexible Workflow: Peter, Jörg, Dominik, Astrid, Ronald

  • Review: Daniel, Michael, Sebastian

  • The whole Flexible Workflow Team, where I felt homelike during my fellowship, lead by Tamara