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In my last blog I announced that all customers on SAP ECC 6.0 EHP 0-6 can now connect to SAP Signavio Process Insights. This is thanks to the intermediate system we introduced with SAP Signavio Process Insights release 1.20. There are many reasons why customers connect their SAP ERP systems to SAP Signavio Process Insights. These include value discovery, continuous performance monitoring and improvement, and procurement process transformation. This two-part blog focuses on one specific use case for connecting to SAP Signavio Process Insights: migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, especially if you plan to reuse a lot of your processes. In this part I set out how to quickly analyse your transactional data, identify configured process variants of value and migrate only relevant customer and supplier data. SAP Signavio Process Insights is part of the more comprehensive plug and gain approach for transfomations, and I explore this link in part 2 of this blog.

Transactional data migration: don’t let it slow you down

When it comes to transactional data, the challenge most customers face is that the number of open transactional documents can be much higher than that of open business documents. Migration of too much, and usually unnecessary, transactional data can lengthen technical migration times. As well as time, there are also data management costs to consider when reviewing transactional data. The ideal scenario here is one where only the necessary transactional data is transferred. But, how do you know which transactional data is important and relevant, and which isn’t, especially in the middle of a complex a migration? SAP Signavio Process Insights can support customers in this instance by automatically highlighting transactional documents that are older than a year or overdue, and showing how these can be closed en masse. The example below highlights open purchase order items that are at least a year old, and the related correction recommendation to resolve this issue.

Correction recommendations for open items older than 1 year

Configured process variants: get insights on usage before you migrate

With process variants, the challenge many customers face in a migration scenario is two-fold: (1) knowing how many different (customer specific) process variants are in their ERP system, and (2) the relevance of those process variants i.e., how often are they used. If you don’t know the answer to these two points, you could end up migrating documents that are not needed and basing the creation of to-be processes on process variants that are of little value. With SAP Signavio Process Insights, customers can explore the available usage performance indicators such as:

  • Sales document types and billing types

  • Production and process order types

  • Plant maintenance, customer service and internal order types

  • Purchasing and finance document types

Looking into usage will help you to see how many different document types are configured in your system, how many are use highly used, rarely used, and never used, as illustrated below:

Billing type and sales doc usage

Customer and supplier data migration

The challenge many businesses face with customer and supplier data is that they do not know how many customer and supplier master data records are in use. This results in customers converting too many master data records into business partners leading to too many number range conflicts to resolve. To avoid this, users need to reduce the number of customers and suppliers that need to be converted into corresponding business partners during the Customer Vendor Integration (CVI) step. In this instance, SAP Signavio Process Insights can show customers how many different customer/supplier records are configured in the system, how many of those are used regularly, and how many are never used. This is also an important step especially in terms of compliance with data laws.

SAP Signavio Process Insights - End-to-end Processes

Customer and supplier data usage

In part two (coming soon), I will round off by exploring process scenarios that can be used as a basis for to-be models, migration of master/configuration data and the harmonization of configured process variants across organizational units. Additionally, I will also address how SAP Signavio Process Insights is part of the plug and gain approach. The plug and gain approach is a more comprehensive SAP S/4HANA transformation play that helps you to deliver a transition that is fast, manageable and one that adds value.

Check out this page to learn more about SAP Signavio Process Insights.

Special thanks to volker.vongloeden and team for the insights.