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Things are getting interesting in the identity management and access governance market, thanks to the cloud. This vibrant market continues to grow, underpinned by well-known vendors providing robust on-premise solutions. But with organizations feeling an increasing draw to the cost-economies, scalability, and the ease-of-use potential from cloud-based solutions, there is a surge in demand for cloud approaches to managing identity and access governance. Responding to this need, SAP has introduced a new cloud offering—SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance.  


Introducing SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

With the announcement of the SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance, access analysis service at the SAPinsider GRC conference in Vienna today, SAP has delivered a new paradigm in addressing the cloud identity and access management (IAM) market, positioning this new solution alongside its existing and widely used on-premise solutions.

Of course, the reality is that SAP has been in this market for a little while already, with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, single sign-on (SSO) solution (previously known as SAP Cloud Identity Service). This is an HCP solution for cloud based secure authentication, and the enabler for SAP and non-SAP cloud applications, for B2E and B2C scenarios.

Now, however, benefiting from native integration with the new access analysis service, there is the opportunity for organizations to use the combination of these two cloud services to “supercharge” their approach to IAM and further simplify the management of identities across a cloud and on-premise landscape.

And for organizations with SAP cloud-based business applications, additional benefits await, with the potential for a common identity lifecycle, without manual interaction.

Designing for the Cloud Advantage

In addressing the needs of the cloud identity and access management market, the SAP team has had the opportunity to start from the ground-up, drawing on many years of industry and design experience, and focusing this towards the usability, performance and maintenance features that a current cloud-platform has to offer.

Naturally the platform choice has been the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and the resulting solution, SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance, is envisaged to become a simple yet comprehensive cloud-based identity management and access governance solution that provides the analytic insights and intelligence needed for growing organizations to stay in control and be compliant.

Benefits for Organizations

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance, created as a series of software-as-a-service (SaaS) microservices, is planned to comprise a number of distinct identity management and access governance capabilities. Each of these can be used independently to address specific business needs, which will also be integrated and interoperable owing to their common use of and native integration with applications based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Organizations will have the flexibility to choose to use one, many, or all services depending on their business needs, knowing that this cloud-based solution can be easily extended across their enterprise as the business grows.

And of course, in addition to the newly released access analysis service, the capabilities of SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance already include single sign-on, as the existing SAP HANA Cloud Platform single sign-on service, is to all intents and purposes a pre-existing core component of the overall SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance services suite, in all but name.

New Blog Series Will Cover Next Steps

Just what can organizations expect to gain from SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance and the newly released access analysis service? To answer this question, I have teamed up with a number of colleagues who have been instrumental in bringing this new solution to market, and in the coming weeks we’re planning to issue a series of blogs addressing this question from different perspectives.

Here’s a view on what to expect:

  • Back to basics for a future-oriented design—guiding principles in creating a new cloud solution

  • Easy access analysis for enterprise users—just what does this mean in practice?

  • Faster than real time? Continuous access monitoring is the new performance benchmark

  • Redefining roles; a natural next step for compliance

  • Single-sign on and access analysis; integrating for a common identity lifecycle

  • Automating and speeding role provisioning for improved ROI

So please join me and my colleagues as we step through these different topics and reveal our cloud vision for identity and access governance.

Image: the new SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance, access analysis service dashboard

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