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If you are interested in the Cloud Foundry topic, and would like to know how it is supported in SAP Cloud Platform, you do not want to miss this event - Cloud Foundry Summit in the next week (Jun 13 - 15, 2017, in Santa Clara, California). Read on to get an idea of what you can expect there ...

After announcing the General Availability of the Cloud Foundry environment in SAP Cloud Platform at SAPPHIRENOW in mid-May, the SAP Cloud Platform team is now gearing up for tons of activities at the upcoming CF Summit in Santa Clara, California. That’s the North American annual event for the Cloud Foundry developer and user community to gather and discuss all the cool innovations, interesting new use cases and visionary ideas for further collaborations.  SAP speakers are delivering a total of 17 sessions explaining in great details how SAP is using and contributing to the Cloud foundry technology.

Via this blog, I would like to give you an overview of the SAP talks at the Summit. First of all, if you are browsing the  published schedule for the Summit, the easiest way is to find SAP talks is by clicking on the 'Polyglot In-Memory' option under the 'Filter By Type' section on the right side.

You should see a list a SAP sessions scheduled for both Wed (Jun 14th) and Thu (Jun 15th).

There are several different tracks at this year's event, and the track sponsored by SAP is titled as - Polyglot In-Memory Applications. Now, what does this title mean?

Polyglot -- Modern cloud-applications are not monoliths developed in a single programming language. Instead, they are built on top of several reusable microservices, each of which may be programmed in a different language. For example, an application component may involve intensive data processing component written in a stored-procedure language supported by the underlying database, where as another User Experience related component may be programmed in JavaScript, and yet another component leveraging some popular library written in Java, Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, or any other language out there. Cloud Foundry with its inherent support for buildpacks / Bring-Your-Own-Language feature is a perfect technology used by SAP Cloud Platform for supporting polyglot application development.

In-Memory --  With its groundbreaking in-memory technology, SAP has revolutionized how enterprise applications and solutions can gain unprecedented real-time processing speed while reducing the data foot-print significantly. SAP has now made the latest release of the very same powerful in-memory database engine, HANA 2, available for Cloud Foundry application developers. In addition, the popular open source options for data management like MongoDB and PostgreSQL, along with enterprise support for them, are included in the SAP Cloud Platform.

Applications  -- As the largest provider of applications in over 25 industries, SAP has a lot to share in regards to providing enterprise-grade PaaS with rich technical capabilities and business services. In fact, the main contributions from SAP to the Cloud Foundry community projects are in the area of adding enterprise qualities to the CF stack such as secure communication among the platform components, comprehensive life cycle management of backing services, scalability of application instances, automated sleeping of idling instances, etc.

So, having said that, if you browse the agenda of the Polyglot-In-Memory track, you will see that the SAP sessions largely cover two types of content:

  1. How SAP is using Cloud Foundry technology for offering a comprehensive, enterprise-grade Platform-as-a-Service for application developers? Most of these talks are scheduled on Jun 14th and some on Jun 15th. These talks include topics such as -

  2. What contributions is SAP making or planning to make to the Cloud Foundry open source projects? These talks are scheduled for Jun 15th and include topics such as -

In addition to the above, you don't want to miss the following sessions where you can get an overall understanding of the importance of Cloud Foundry for SAP:

Finally, do not forget to stop by the SAP booth, where we will get to see some cool demos, meet the experts to take deep dive into the Cloud Foundry technology, setup a trial account on SAP Cloud Platform to get your hands on our Cloud Foundry environment, etc. If I am not mistaken, you can even get some beer at our booth from an IoT managed kegerator ;-).

All in all, it is going to be a fun event. Make sure to register asap. Here is a promo code that can save you 20% on the ticket cost - CFSV17SAP20.
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