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Need for Job Monitoring :

IT organizations face new challenges every day as they attempt to remain effective and future safe while also keeping costs for day-to-day operations as low as possible. They are also being challenged more than ever to demonstrate their value to businesses. Therefore, it is important to optimize the day-to-day tasks that have less obvious business value and to use KPI and benchmark-based reporting to make IT processes more visible, demonstrating the real value that IT can provide.
In order to minimize the costs of IT, it is necessary to standardize and automate IT processes end-to-end (E2E) without reducing the SLAs required by the business, such as stability, availability, performance, process and data transparency, data consistency, IT process compliance, and so on.

In the modern environment of real-time data processing, efficient, automated tasks are essential, and the need for background processes is high. The more complex that landscapes and requirements are, the more important it is for companies to increase the efficiency of all tasks related to job automation. Another aspect automating background operation is ensuring efficient use of the available system resources, for example, CPU and memory. Therefore, job automation and efficient utilization affect the whole system landscape.

In Focused Run, you can monitor the status of background processing in your entire system landscape along with several job parameters that will focus on automating operations and effective resource utilization.

Job Monitoring in Focused Run

Job Monitoring will try to address the needs of varieties of customers

  • Service Providers managing multiple customer landscapes

  • Large customers with several systems

  • Customers with background job processing across the system landscape


Job Monitoring in Focused Run is part of 'Advanced System Management' and  provides information on the following job parameters

  • The status of the current job

  • The (technical) delay of the current job

  • The runtime of the current job

The use case configuration for Job Monitoring is available via SSI. With Simple System Integration (SSI) you can automatically configure technical systems for the use case.  The use case configuration is available via the Global Settings & Network Configuration application. You can enable or disable job monitoring based on a customer network.


As of Focused Run 2.0 FP 1, the following are the key highlights of Job Monitoring application

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