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This blog is part of the blogs series for the new “New Solution Readiness Dashboard” delivered as part of Focused Build SP12 delivery. This blog focuses on one of the cards – Overall Status Card 


Please go through the following blogs: 

Initial Set up and Pre-requisites 

What is Solution Readiness Dashboard and Brief Overview on Cards 

Overall Status Card

The first card in the New Solution Readiness Dashboard, i.e., overall status card describes the details about selected Project and its subprojects and the related waves. Here we have used a table card to display the detailed group of information. 

Overall Status card

On initial load, the card shows only the rows that fit the default card size and on the right top corner, the row count is displayed. 

Number of rows displayed on the card

The card has a drop down selection with two option

Selection options

  • Projects – Shows all projects based on the selection in filter bar 

  • Waves – Shows all related waves for the selection. 

Projects View

This displayed the project details for the filter selection. The list of projects changes as we change the filter criteria. If only main/single project is selected in the filter bar, along with selected project also the related projects. 

Main project selection view

If a build project is selected in the filter bar, accordingly only the specific build project details are displayed in the table. 

Build Project Selection view

Below are details of the columns: 

  1. Project Name 

  1. Type                 – this indicated if the project is a Main, Single or Build Project 

  1. Severity            – shows the severity of the project as defined in project management app along with defined sematic colours. 

  1. Project Lead     – name of the responsible project manager 

Wave View 

This displays the wave details. Like project view, only related waves are displayed based on the selection in the filter bar. 

Below are the details of the columns in the view: 

  1. Wave 

  1. Project Name – Name of the related project of the wave 

  1. Start date       – Start date of the Wave 

  1. End date        – End date of the wave 

In addition, the wave relationships maintained at the level of main project is respected. Hence when the main project wave 1 is selected in the filter bar, along with main project wave 1, related build project waves are displayed. 

Wave Relationship in Project Management App

Main Project Wave 1 Selected


Also, from any row of the table it is possible to navigate to the specific node in the project management app. 

Please feel free to provide feedback either directly here in the comment section or, in case of questions, you can submit them here. You are also encouraged to follow SAP Solution Manager tag here and Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager tag here.


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