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We all love to learn something new, don’t we!!! 

So, sharing something new we learned recently. Hoping this will increase your curiosity. 


AppGyver is a platform to create web and mobile apps for iOS and Android without coding. It's part of the SAP family since March.

In this blog post, I and my colleague jayadnure will show you the possibilities of using AppGyver to extend SAP solutions using no code which can turn around applications with minimum development effort and stay ahead in the competitive market. 

This no-code platform is easy to understand and provides fast development which can be the solution to our customers to provide a new user experience using AppGyver and extend SAP Solutions. 

If you are not aware of AppGyver, please do read my last blog post about AppGyver Introduction to AppGyver which explains the platform and how you can kick start your AppGyver Journey. 


Curiosity – “It keeps us moving forward, exploring, experimenting, opening new doors” – Walt Disney 

As said by Walt Disney, our curious minds got a simple question- 

How can we  integrate SAP BTP and AppGyver 

And to answer this question we wondered about the possibilities and ideas that can bring these two components together and give our developer community a practical example, we thought of using the existing SAP IoT use case Equipment as a service” and add our colors. 

Water purifier as a service” is a use case via which we tried to achieve the same- 

A simple mobile and web application where users can subscribe to the water purifier on a need basis and also can monitor the health and other aspects of the filter in real-time via the application. 

This has CAP module, IOT services as a backend, and OData which gets connected to AppGyver. 

Business Use case  

With a connected purifier, using the subscription model user gets a purifier installed at his home at negligible/ no cost.  Users and respective devices are onboarded on the platform upon the successful installation of the purifier. The purifier comes with a pre-installed SIM or connects to your home Wi-Fi network to send the health status and water consumption back to the SAP IoT platform. 

The customer gets a periodic notification about the consumption subscription details. The manufacturer gets a notification about the health status of the purifier which helps him to do proactive maintenance in case of any alarming issue. 

Please refer to the below customer journey map which illustrates our vision- 

How can we achieve this? 

To build a business model like this and transform digitally one needs to have a platform that is secure, customers can achieve agility and continual innovation through integration, and extensibility of all SAP and third-party applicationsSAP Business Technology Platform is the one-stop solution for this. 

Driving continuous innovation with the best platform is the key to thrive in the competitive market.

Specifically speaking about our use case (WPAAS) will be needing following solutions- 

  1. SAP HANA Cloud 

  2. SAP Analytics Cloud 

  3. SAP Internet of Things 

  4. SAP C/4 HANA 

    • Sales cloud 

    • Service cloud 

    • Subscription Billing 

  5. Integration service 

High-Level Architecture

** This architecture is using limited components and are subject to change during actual implementation 

For building user experience, AppGyver was a clear choice!  

It is a no-code platform that has a lot of built-in capabilities and yeswe can connect to REST API in this platform and build an end-to-end scenario. 

So, we would develop a cloud application using SAP Business Studio and deploy our services in SAP BTP and then connect those services in AppGyver to create a quick and beautiful User Interface. 

I know you all are excited to see and implement the integration of CAP Project, IOT services, and AppGyver, we will publish the second blog post soon with all the technical details and will add the link here! 

Sneak peek of how our application screens in AppGyver will look like- 

Hope this blog post showed you the possibility of bringing different modules together and gave a new perspective about AppGyver capabilities when it comes to SAP solutions. We will build this together in my next blog post -

Outstretching SAP BTP with AppGyver – Part II

Please share your feedback or thoughts in the comments!

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