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We are excited to announce today the general availability of our June 2022 release.   

Increasing integration and connectivity options like the SAP Data Intelligence Cloud integration or an improved SAP Solution Manager 7.2 connector results in a faster time to insight and faster time to adapt for your innovation and transformation projects. 

We have released a multitude of features for the following solutions within SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite: 

  • SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite 

  • SAP Signavio Process Insights 

  • SAP Signavio Process Intelligence 

  • SAP Signavio Process Manager 

  • SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub 

Read here a summary of some of our highlights.  

SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite: 

The following features have been release for SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite: 

  • Reporting capability enhancements 

We have built a new files storage to offer more flexibility, reliability and space in order to extend the usability of reports. You can now generate far bigger reports in an asynchronous way.

Signavio Process Insights: 

The following features have been released for SAP Signavio Process Insights: 

  • Connecting multiple ERP systems 

  • Correction recommendations for Process Performance Indicators 

  • New metrics release (incl. utilities package) 

  • Renaming from SAP Process Insights to SAP Signavio Process Insights 

From now on, you can connect multiple SAP ERP systems to SAP Signavio Process Insights – and you can do this in easily and seamlessly: only one license is required, and user management only needs to be done once. Users access can be managed with one single URL for all ERP systems and you can quickly switch between analyses which are performed on the various systems. 

Multiple SAP ERP systems to SAP Signavio Process Insights

Now SAP Signavio Process Insights helps you speed up the process from uncovering refinement potential to directly implementing corrective actions, as Process Performance Indicators (PPIs) are now directly linked to specific correction recommendations. Users get correction recommendations directly connected to Process Performance Indicators (PPIs), going directly from insights to actions 


Implementing corrective actions, as Process Performance Indicators (PPIs)

In addition, preconfigured performance metrics help you reduce your time-to-insight and easily monitor the performance of your business processes in SAP Signavio Process Insights. We have now released new ready-to-use metrics in the solution. Standard content is also available for companies in the utilities industry, with specific metrics and process flows for this industry. 

New ready-to-use metrics in the solution

With the June 2022 product release, SAP Process Insights is officially renamed SAP Signavio Process Insights. The solution is already a core element of our SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, helping you to discover areas for improvement within your company’s business processes, then prioritizing actions to implement any needed improvements. SAP Signavio Process Insights helps SAP you build the case and start your transformation journey to SAP S/4HANA, or alternatively run a stand-alone process excellence initiative and get on a fast track for effective process mining initiatives with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. 

For more information got to SAP Signavio release notes. 

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence: 

The following features have been released for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence: 

  • Ingestion API 

  • SAP Data Intelligence Cloud integration 

  • New (ETL) scheduler 

  • Real time cancellation 

  • Revamped user interface of our process data management (ETL) capabilities 

  • Process discovery metric overlay 

  • SIGNAL engine enhancements 

  • Insights enhancements 

  • New accelerators 

With the June 2022 release, we now offer flexibility, and comprehensive capabilities to get data into SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and prepare it to mine your processes end-to-end and at scale. Data engineers and data specialists can now onboard data to SAP Signavio Process Intelligence from any middleware, such as SAP Data Intelligence. This is possible with our new ingestion API, which provides you with plenty of connectivity options,  to upload data from several sources systems. This expands the capabilities offered with our existing standard connectors (also known as ETL connectors).


New ingestion API - SAP Signavio Process Intelligence


SAP Data Intelligence is an enterprise-grade data management solution that is now pre-integrated into SAP Signavio Process Intelligence with our new ingestion API. With SAP Data Intelligence Cloud, you can manage data integration, including complex and custom extractions and transformations, as well as gather data from any mix of applications, databases, data lakes, or data warehouses. SAP Data Intelligence Cloud is a separate SAP offering and must be licensed separately. 


SAP Data Intelligence is now pre-integrated


Our new version of the integration and data model scheduler provides you with a better overview and control of when and how data extractions and transformations are scheduled, offering you consistent execution scheduling of data pipelines from a data model.

Important note: Please beware that this new version of the scheduler requires you to reconfigure your data pipelines. All users who load data into SAP Signavio Process Intelligence using process data (ETL) pipelines and users who consume the data in SAP Signavio solutions can follow these  instructions to make sure the data continues getting successfully extracted, transformed and loaded into their solution. 


Data model scheduler provides you with a better overview


We´ve further improved user experience. Save time with the ability to cancel your process data (ETL) pipeline executions at any time, without waiting for the execution to fully run.  

With this new release, we have also revamped the User Interface of our process data management (ETL) capabilities, providing data engineers with a significantly improved user experience. A new layout, a new tab navigation, a new pipeline overview, and many more new enhancements are now officially released. 


Revamped the User Interface of our process data management (ETL) capabilities

Data analysts will profit from improved interactivity with the process discovery widget. This widget provides a graphical representation of a process exactly as it was executed, making it easy to identify long cycle times, most common process paths, main activities, stakeholders, and their behaviors. 

We have enabled the overlay of  custom event-level metrics on the nodes (also called activities) of your process discovery widget, allowing analysts to more easily expose process issues related to metrics they are interested on. 


Overlay of custom event-level metrics on the nodes

our last March 2022 release, we announced the availability of automated insights, a set of ready-to-use advanced statistics which help you reduce your time to insight, simplify and streamline your data-driven process analysis efforts. 

With this release, we have improved the overall user experience of manual and automated insights, allowing users to directly write and edit descriptions in an insight and easily visualize all applied filters. 



Automated insights applied filter

You may have noticed that we have slightly renamed our process mining query language as SAP Signavio analytics language (SIGNAL) to harmonize naming conventions across our solutions. We have now also made two new functions available with SIGNAL: BUCKET allows you to calculate bucket statistics and handle outliers for a histogram using customizable bucket width and offset, while CASE WHEN allows you to state specific conditions in order to return defined values when the first condition is met. Please beware of the usage of CASE WHEN in your current queries as the CASE WHEN expression now includes 5 new reserved keywords: CASE, WHEN, THEN, ELSE, END. This change will affect your existing custom SIGNAL statements that are saved in investigation widgets. Please also look at our product documentation. 

Last but not least, speed up your time to analysis and time to value with our newly released SAP Signavio Process Intelligence accelerators (previously: Business Solutions) for SAP Finance processes (Invoice-to-Pay for S/4HANA and SAP ECC), Utilities (Meter-to-Cash for SAP S/4HANA) and Recruiting processes (Attract-to-Acquire-Talent for SAP Successfactors). SAP Signavio Process Intelligence accelerators are process and system specific content packages  that provide transformation templates and standard metrics.  

SAP Signavio Process Manager 

The following features have been released for SAP Signavio Process Manager: 

  • Improved Connector for BPMN diagram imports from SAP Solution Manager 

With the latest feature released for SAP Solution Manager Connector 7.2, you can now import full graphical BPMN diagrams from SAP Solution Manager to SAP Signavio Process Manager. Before, it was possible to import and export in both directions without graphical representation. Now, you can benefit from accessing your full process landscape. 

Especially process owners and managers also benefit from SAP Best Practice Process Models, which are templates for best practices processes that can also be imported and further customized in SAP Signavio Process Manager, including the graphical representation. 

SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub 


The following features have been release for SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub: 

  • Process revision switcher 

We introduce the revision switcher - a feature that allows SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub users to view a full list of all past revisions and support revision auditing directly within the hub. By default, the revision switcher shows a list of past published diagrams so they can be easily accessed by an auditor, but the full revision list is available with just one click. To be able to see revisions READ access for any SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub user is sufficient. In order to revert revisions user would need full read and share rights. 


Revision switcher - SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub



Your main benefits with this release are: 

  • Enhanced security and compliance automation  

  • Continuous delivery on insights and recommendations  

  • New process data management and connectivity options  

  • New accelerators and content made available 

  • Increased enterprise process modeling capabilities 

  • Performance improvements 

This blog post only provides an overview of the latest features and enhancements of SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite with our June 2022 release. For more details, please read our  release notes 

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Please feel free to share you questions a round the release or feedback in the comments with us.
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