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Dear community, 

We are excited to announce today the general availability of the business process connector for SAP Signavio Solutions along with the August 2023 release. We know that this has been a long-awaited product, and we are looking forward to offering an improved experience for our SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Solution Manager users. 

We know that one of the biggest challenges users faced were related to the need for transferring and managing complex process logic within SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Solution Manager systems, as well as synchronizing large process structures in a fast, reliable and secure way. 

The new connector was re-imagined, re-platformed, re-built and ultimately, re-implemented as SAP BTP Cloud Application solution, addressing all major limitations and concerns users flagged in previous connectors.

The business process model connector for SAP Signavio solutions allows users to transfer data between SAP Solution Manager and SAP Signavio Process Manager with improved performance, security and connectivity, enhanced integration between business and IT streams with a consistent and reliable process synchronization.  

The new connector is built for the future, lifting roadblocks for SAP S4/HANA adoption and can connect to multiple SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Solution Manager systems simultaneously. It also offers reduced deployment time with out-of-the-box Customer Deployment, reduced maintenance costs and role-based management of synchronization. 


The value of the solution was built around three other main improvement aspects:  

  • Commercial 

The new connector is built on SAP BTP and latest technology, offering a simple, secure connectivity with SAP Cloud Connector, which makes simple and easy to connect your private system to the platform, and unified application run time with SAP Hana Cloud. 

It also lifts roadblocks of SAP S4/HANA adoption by enabling users to engage with their business in a collaborative model with revised business processes in SAP Signavio and synchronize it quickly and accurately to SAP Solution Manager with the same process definitions. Users are also able to share information between different teams and ensure alignment and collaboration with a single point of truth, ensuring quick and easy customer adoption. 

  • Quality 

A consistent and reliable process synchronization is enabled by process data can be exchanged in both directions between source and target system without duplicates, which includes any new process content created as part of the update. Object names are transferred accurately without change as well. 

Users are also capable to see the progress of synchronization of every process in scope, and the logs associated with active synchronization run with how much of the content percentage has been complete, enabling transparency and monitoring of transferred data, along with faster performance. 

  • Operational 

With no additional license fees, customers are entitled to using the solution with no costs from a BTP point of view, which in turn helps reducing maintenance costs. Users can also benefit from reduced deployment time with out-of-the-box Customer Deployment and role-based management of synchronisation, where different roles have access to different functions, ensuring safety and lack of disruption to the system. 


The business process model connector benefits spread across five different key areas: connectivity, security, functionality, sustainability and user experience.

Over the next quarters, the business process model connector for SAP Signavio solutions will receive further improvements, as well as offer a migration plan for users of the previous connector for SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Solution Manager. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new connector, please reach out to your SAP Signavio Customer Success Partner. 

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