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Stories are the most popular tool in SAP Analytics Cloud used by all our customer. Therefore, we got lots of feedback from you which we have used to develop the Optimized Story Experience to improve your interactions with the story.

The optimized story experience delivers key features you have asked for like undo/redo, it helps improve performance and makes it easier for end users to navigate in the stories. The optimization is both for the end users who will be consuming stories in Optimized View Mode (OVM) as well as for story designers who will be working with the Optimized Design Experience (ODE).

So how can you take advantage of this new improved experience? As a designer, you have the option to enable only the Optimized View Mode for a story or you can directly convert your story to the Optimized Design Experience which will enable the Optimized View Mode for story viewers as well.

If you are wondering why you should adopt the optimized story experience here is a summary of the advantages you will be profiting from.

  1. The strategic story experience in SAP Analytics Cloud

With the optimized story experience, we are delivering a set of much desired features like undo/redo. With every upcoming release more and more useful features will be added. One highlight planned for Q2 2023 is the integration of analytics designer functionality in the story. Make sure you won’t miss out on these features and adopt the optimized story experience!

  1. Improve the performance of your dashboards

One key improvement that comes with the optimized experience is better performance. We have refactored the client to make quicker load times possible, we are also providing the option of a new rendering experience to improve initial loading time and other mechanisms improving performance like generating the analytic queries needed by the story in advance.

  1. Usability improvements

With the Optimized Story we are striving to improve your experience by addressing several usability challenges that have been raised by customers via the SAP Analytics Cloud Influence Portal. We have introduced ghost loading indicators for widgets, improved the placement of the tooltips and made it easier to navigate hierarchies, input controls and chart information.

Useful Resources About the Optimized story Experience

Come on the journey with us and start adopting the optimized story experience for your stories. The SAP Analytics Cloud documentation will also provide an overview of the latest features and pract... Also make sure to check out the blogs below which will provide you with the latest info about Optimized View Mode and Optimized Design experience.

For broader context of the Optimized Story Experiece, check out Thierry's blog on Superior Usability and High Performance in SAP Analytics Cloud.