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Product and Topic Expert

Exciting developments are reshaping SAP BTP ABAP Environment (aka Steampunk), making it more cost-effective and attractive than ever before. As of August 28th, 2023, a game-changing feature for SAP BTP ABAP Environment was rolled out – System Hibernation. This feature not only enhances the operational flexibility of your SAP BTP ABAP Environment but also brings substantial cost savings.

The power lies in the simplicity of System Hibernation. When your system is paused, you pay only for SAP HANA Cloud backup storage and disk space, with no ABAP Compute Units. Now, let's break it down.


Cost Savings in Detail: Sample Calculations for Your Landscape

Here's a simple monthly (28 days) calculation example for a 3-system landscape Development, Test, and Production with a standard system configuration and BTPEA contract (BTP Enterprise Agreement, a consumption-based commercial model).

Standard ABAP Environment system configuration:

    • 1 block runtime memory (ACU)
    • 2 blocks persistent memory (HCU)

The remaining infrastructure costs for a stopped system are:

Costs for a stopped system

The example calculations are sourced from the current prices for a BTPEA contract without discount. BTPEA is a consumption-based contract for customers that enables productive operation of the SAP BTP ABAP Environment.

For the most up-to-date prices and partner offerings, refer to the SAP Discovery Center.

Prices for BTPEA model for SAP BTP ABAP Environment


Cost of SAP BTP ABAP Environment per hour (uptime):


Costs Without System Hibernation

Example cost calculation without System Hibernation


Costs With System Hibernation

Example: 12 hours per day on 20 working days per month (out of 28 days) uptime

Example cost calculation with System Hibernation

The monthly cost of SAP BTP ABAP Environment drops with System Hibernation from 6,090.33 EUR to 3,598.55 EUR. Take this opportunity to unlock the benefits, utilize your BTPEA and discover the dynamic capabilities of SAP BTP ABAP Environment.

Feel free to start using System Hibernation today!