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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
As more car owners transition to electric vehicles, the necessity to expand charging capacity becomes more urgent.

Many municipalities recognize this deficit and are enacting regulations to increase the availability of electricity to drivers. For example, the cities of Orlando, FL and Columbus, OH aim to increase electric vehicle charging capacity within their respective jurisdictions.

Commercial construction companies hoping for a high utilization must carefully analyze many factors. Unfortunately, the process to determine the optimal placement of a charging station can be daunting if done manually.

The Challenge to Determining the Best Charging Station Placement

Many types of data determine the optimal location:

  • Proximity to the nearest charging station

  • Number of nearby charging stations

  • Types and density of nearby points of interest - i.e. shops, restaurants, salons, entertainment venues, hotels, etc.

  • Traffic patterns

Different job roles must collaborate to process this data:

  • Planners

  • GIS Analysts

  • Data Engineers

  • Business Analysts

The Solution: Intelligent Data Applications

A better approach to predict optimal placement is with an Intelligent Data Application. This type of application applies machine learning along with multi-model processing (spatial, graph, etc) to business logic so that users can make quick, informed decisions. In essence, intelligent data applications transform the business workflow from a series of imperfect steps to a continuous stream of smart decisions driven by data.


SAP, Esri, and HERE Technologies are partnering together to provide a demonstration of an Intelligent Data Application solving a real-world problem.

In this demo, a major city requires new construction projects include electric vehicle charging stations. The user/viewer assumes the role of an analyst working for a consulting company advising the optimal placement of charging stations. As part of the business process, the analyst interacts with the advanced spatial and data science features of an Intelligent Data Application to determine the best and worst locations for new charging stations.

Click to watch the demo video.

Click to learn more about the demo.

Demo Components

Esri ArcGIS Insights as the versatile visual analysis tool

ArcGIS®Insights(SM) is an application enabling users to process a variety of data types from a variety of data sources. The application provides commonly used spatial, statistical, link, and temporal analysis to let users explore all data available to them through a visual experience - empowering holistic decision making and collaboration across analytical teams in an organization.

Start visually analyzing your data.

 HERE Technologies as the source for authoritative data

  • HERE Traffic Analytics helps enterprise and government customers make informed decisions about future traffic flow management by using historical road traffic data, while also assisting with retail site selection. Through HERE Traffic Analytics, customers gain access to specific trends to analyze road network performance and identify patterns to optimize driving, parking, or other requirements such as designing traffic models.

  • HERE Places enables up-to-date information about real-world places to enrich mapping solutions. It offers precise address information for points of interest (POI) alongside additional details like opening hours, services offered, and accepted payment methods.

  • HERE Maps provides the foundational map layer as a canvas to run business operations. This includes simple map display, data visualization, localization, routing and tracking for 200+ countries.

  • HERE EV Static Charging Points is a static data offering charging stations in a specific area or along a route. It provides a snapshot of relevant information about charging facilities, enabling drivers to pick the right option for their vehicle.

Start using data from HERE

 SAP HANA Cloud as the modern data foundation

SAP HANA Cloud is a modern database-as-a-service (DBaaS) powering the next generation of intelligent data applications and analytics across all enterprise data. It stores, processes and analyzes data in real time at petabyte scale, and converges multiple data types in a single system while managing data more efficiently with integrated multi-tier storage.

Start building intelligent data applications with the SAP HANA Cloud Free Tier edition.

Learn more about this demo and Intelligent Data Applications while at Sapphire Orlando -  May 16th and 17th

  • Visit the SAP HANA Cloud database team at booth 307 in the BTP campus

  • Join Matt Lyman’s session BTP105 – Build Intelligent Data Applications Enabled by SAP HANA Cloud

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