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New openSAP course available: September 14, 2021 - October 13, 2021



As a cloud service provider, SAP is responsible for the availability and performance of its cloud solutions. However, configuring and managing how those solutions are used across the business is still up to the customer. SAP Cloud ALM, a brand new, cloud-based application lifecycle management offering, guides you successfully through the implementation and operation of your cloud solutions to maximize their value. The offering comes at no additional cost for cloud customers, as SAP Cloud ALM usage rights are included with the SAP Enterprise Support cloud editions.


However, as this is a brand new offering, we like to introduce this product a bit more in detail to you. To achieve this, we have developed another new openSAP course offering, where some of our SAP Cloud ALM Product Owners and some SAP Guest Speakers explain the strategy, show you some details in the system. Furthermore, you are invited to test out what you have learned directly in our SAP Cloud ALM demo tenant.

In this openSAP course, you’ll learn more about the value and capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM for operations, which consists of features, functions, and processes for operating your cloud-centric solution landscapes. Starting with an overview, we’ll explain monitoring and alerting, as well as event management capabilities. We’ll show you how SAP Cloud ALM for operations provides you with a central entry point to ensure transparent integrations throughout your hybrid SAP landscape, and how to manage your business processes. This is to ensure business continuity in your SAP landscape, increase operational efficiency by automating operational tasks, and avoid anomalies by proactive problem prediction.

Three openSAP trainings for SAP Cloud ALM

This new course completes the series of three openSAP trainings for SAP Cloud ALM. Starting with a general introduction in “SAP Cloud ALM in a Nutshell”, you are be able explore the SAP Cloud ALM functionalities that support, accelerate, and optimize the implementation of cloud solutions from SAP in "Accelerate Cloud Implementations with SAP Cloud ALM".

Finally you can now gain insights about "Operating Cloud-Centric Solutions with SAP Cloud ALM". This training highlights all monitoring capabilities in SAP Cloud ALM, like:

  • Business Process Monitoring

  • Integration & Exception Monitoring

  • Real User Monitoring

  • Job & Automation Monitoring

  • Heath Monitoring

Furthermore, we introduce the functionalities more related to event management, i.e.:

  • Business Service Management

  • Intelligent Event Processing

  • Alert Management

  • Notification Management

  • Operation Automation

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction
Week 2: Monitoring and Alerting
Week 3: Event Management
Week 4: Final Exam

Get a hands on feel for SAP Cloud ALM for operations with access to our demo tenant. Gain a Record of Achievement upon the passing of graded assignments.

Please register for the openSAP course today by following the below course link!

Course Link