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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

We always try to bring our UI5 documentation as close to the developer as possible. This is why we constantly investigate and develop new approaches to give users the information they need. For UI5, we currently offer user assistance in a number of ways. Some examples:

We’re constantly working on improving this content. We develop new ideas, we correct errors, we brush up outdated stuff.

We also collect feedback from our external users, for example for our main documentation in the UI5 Demo Kits. Maybe some of you have already used the feedback function there to let us know about your thoughts. There’s praise, there’s rants, and very often, there are useful comments that help us improve our content.

For our main OpenUI5 documentation, this is going to become much easier now: Check out the new markdown version of the OpenUI5 Developer Guide on GitHub:

What's Inside?

We provide two outputs in this new repository:

  • The docs folder contains an enriched markdown export of the official OpenUI5 Developer Guide from the OpenUI5 Demo Kit. Although this version is already quite usable to browse the documentation and to find topics you want to improve, we recommend using it mainly for creating issues and pull requests.

  • For reading and searching, you can use the docsify output: It is a shinier version of the markdown documentation that comes with a reader-friendly layout, a navigation tree and better search options powered by docsify. The contents of the raw version and the docsified version use the same source. If you want to contribute, use the “Edit Document” function in the upper right corner to switch to the raw version and create a pull request.

For each topic, there's a direct link to the same topic in the nightly OpenUI5 Demo Kit and the latest official Demo Kit release.

Please note: The repository reflects the current development status of the OpenUI5 Developer Guide, so it's not identical to the content of the OpenUI5 Demo Kit.

Have a Direct Impact

If you come across a section in our documentation that requires more information, seems to be wrong, or is not clear enough, let us know about it. Simply create an issue or a pull request, and we will look into it. Your contributions are most welcome. Have a look at our contribution guidelines, and you're good to go.

The documentation team reviews your contributions, and accepted changes will be visible in the OpenUI5 Nightly Demo Kit shortly after we have implemented them. With the next OpenUI5 release, these changes will also become part of the official OpenUI5 documentation in the Demo Kit.

We are looking forward to your feedback!