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Hi everyone,

the new openSAP course: "Cloud-Native Operations with SAP Cloud Platform" is now live!

In this new advanced course, you’ll learn how to handle cloud-native operations with SAP Cloud Platform through hands-on exercises. You’ll be working with the Neo environment and the Cloud Foundry environment within SAP Cloud Platform, and many of the capabilities and services offered there that make it easy to operate innovative applications in the cloud.

In week 1, we’ll cover identity management with the management of users and user groups, as well as the services SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication and SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning. In weeks 2 and 3, we’ll dive into lifecycle management, how to structure subaccounts into dev/test/prod landscapes, the multi-target application (MTA) concept, as well as CTS+. In week 4, you’ll learn about continuous integration and delivery, and how to set up and run your own continuous integration pipeline.

This advanced course is primarily aimed at system administrators and technology consultants who have already finished the openSAP course SAP Cloud Platform Essentials (Update Q3/2017) and want to learn more. For the first time, we’ll cover in-depth the topic of operations, including identity management, lifecycle management, as well as continuous integration and delivery, which are a key to success in a cloud context.

Below you find a full list of all the units covered over the four weeks of this course:

Week 1: Identity Management

  • Unit 1: Course Introduction

  • Unit 2: Recap: SAP Cloud Platform Essentials

  • Unit 3: SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication

  • Unit 4: Working with a Custom Platform Identity Provider

  • Unit 5: Working with Custom Platform Roles

  • Unit 6: API-Based Business User Role Assignment

  • Unit 7: SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning

Week 2: Lifecycle Management Basics

  • Unit 1: Overview and Motivation

  • Unit 2: Change Management Options

  • Unit 3: Account Structure Considerations

  • Unit 4: Multitarget Application (MTA) Concept

  • Unit 5: MTA Creation

  • Unit 6: MTA Deployment

  • Unit 7: Multitenant Consumption of MTAs

Week 3: Lifecycle Management Hybrid Scenarios

  • Unit 1: Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+) Basics

  • Unit 2: Configuring CTS+ for SAP Cloud Platform

  • Unit 3: Transporting MTAs with CTS+

  • Unit 4: Integration into Higher Level Change Management Tools

  • Unit 5: Cloud-Based Transport Service

  • Unit 6: Hybrid Supportability

Week 4: Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • Unit 1: Introduction

  • Unit 2: Infrastructure

  • Unit 3: Pipelines

  • Unit 4: Getting Started - Part I

  • Unit 5: Getting Started - Part II

  • Unit 6: Combining CI and Change Management

  • Unit 7: Course Summary

Week 5: Final Exam

Feel free to drop you comments on the course below!

All the best,