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Hi everyone,

as announced in previous blog posts here and here, our openSAP course SAP HANA Cloud Platform Essentials (Repeat) starts today, on February 7th 2017, and ends on March 29th 2017. It's a 6 week course followed by another week for the final exam. Since the introduction of SAP HANA Cloud Platform in 2012 and the first openSAP course about it in 2013, the platform has been continually improved and additional functionality has been delivered. In this course, you will get to know the platform in its most up-to-date state yet.

This course will introduce you to SAP HANA Cloud Platform and show you how as a developer to take advantage of the various services it provides. Ideally, you should have basic skills in Java programming as well as a basic knowledge of how to use the Eclipse development environment. If you took part in the previous courses, you should join this one, because it covers many newly introduced services like the IoT services, gamification services, mobile documents and many more. You will get a more holistic view on the capabilities of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.



Week Guides

This document will guide you through the course. For each week we'll publish a blog post that is related to the corresponding week of the course. Those documents will provide you with additional material, explanations or FAQ around the topic of the week. Depending on the feedback and questions inside the forum of the course I might also add additional material (e.g. videos) during and after the course to address the frequently asked questions so that you have a one-stop-shop for this course. I hope you will enjoy the course!


Weeks of the course
Week 1 - Basics
Week 2 - Security
Week 3 - Connectivity
Week 4 - Persistence
Week 5 - IoT and Collaboration
Week 6 - Additional Services


All the best,