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I'm excited to announce that openSAP is offering a new course this month called "Imagine IoT." For those unfamiliar, openSAP is SAP's version of the "Massive Open Online Courses" (aka MOOC) philosophy on education. It's free to anyone, and each week new videos and assignments are made available along with expert help via discussion forums. And for this course specifically, there are no prerequisites.

As for the Internet of Things (IoT), it's quickly becoming the tech topic to keep an eye on. And SAP is investing heavily in tools, products, and resources to help you take advantage of it. This course starts by first teaching you about the Internet of Things independent of SAP's involvement. You'll get a good understanding of where IoT came from, why it's quickly becoming relevant today, and where it's going. You will also hear from startups and SAP partners involved in IoT.

You will then learn about SAP's strategy, including how SAP's HANA Cloud Platform can really help you jumpstart your (or your business's) own involvement in IoT. Next, you will get to leverage Design Thinking tools to create your own IoT prototype based on whatever scenario or use case you choose. As you'll learn early on in the course, IoT isn't just about your typical "business value" discussions. Rather, it's a fundamental shift in technology that has the potential to improve the world in even more significant ways.

In fact, SAP has decided to partner with global charities to give you the chance to choose how SAP will donate $50,000 to causes that involve spreading technology and technical skills to those in need. Here's how it'll work: As part of the prototyping experience, you will get the chance to give and get feedback on your prototype through a peer review system. And the top 10 best submitters will each get to choose how SAP donates $5,000 for a total of $50,000. There will also be a gallery where these top 10 prototypes (and many more runners up) will be showcased.

We here at SAP like to think of IoT as the Internet of GOOD Things and encourage you to join with us in showing how technology and creativity can be the start to making a difference in the world.

Please join us in Imagining the Internet of GOOD Things!

Update: See here for more details on the guest speakers featured in this course (Intel, Deloitte, and XMPro).