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This blog is written based on UI5 version 1.38.9:

Suppose I would like to open SAP GUI transaction code SE80 in Chrome by clicking a tile in Fiori launchpad - for example I would like to put a new tile into this group below:

1. First identify the catalog page ID for the group above: SAP_FIORI_EXTENSIBILITY

2. Open Fiori Launchpad Designer, find the catalog found in previous step.

Create a new tile by clicking icon "+":

Maintain the following parameters:

Once saved, the target URL will be automatically generated:

3. Create a new Target Mapping by clicking the button in footer toolbar:

For system alias, you can just keep it as initial:

Once saved, you should see a new entry in the list:

4. For the last step, just make the tile visible in UI. Click new button:

Find the new created tile and add it to Catalog group:

Now you should see the new tile in Launchpad.

Click this tile, and SE80 is now opened in Chrome:

How to open transaction in backend system instead
If you would like that once the tile is clicked, the transaction in backend system is launched, instead of transaction in gateway system, you can simply maintain an system Alias in your target mapping configuration:

Then link this system alias to a RFC destination created in SM59 via the following customizing