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We need you! With the Open Documentation contribution process, you can now reach the user assistance team and provide feedback on the help portal documentation. SAP Datasphere documentation is made for you. We are trying to make it as easy and understandable as possible, but we need you to improve it.
Get to know the idea, learn how to do it, and start contributing via GitHub!


The new Open Documentation contribution process allows users (you!) and content creators (user assistance team) to collaborate in a faster, better, and more direct way. While looking at the available help, you see something that needs to be improved? Send us feedbacks and start a conversation in the form of an issue. Found something that doesn’t look quite right, and you know how it could be improved? Contribute to edit the content and start a conversation with us in the form of a pull request. 

What do you need?

The onboarding process is quite easy and you need only 2 things:


How does it work?

Are you ready to start? You can now collaborate on the content for 3 guides:

Collaborate by using standard GitHub processes: use pull requests to suggest changes to existing content, and issues to provide feedback and start a discussion with us.


How to Edit Content & Suggest Changes

    1. Open the documentation on SAP Help Portal.

    2. Under Feedback, choose Edit Page to open the markdown file of the current document.

    3. On GitHub, choose the pencil icon to open the file for editing.

    4.  Update the Markdown version of the HTML page.

    5. Add a comment and propose your changes.

    6. Create a pull request and wait for our response.


How to Provide Feedback & Raise an Issue

  1. Open the documentation on SAP Help Portal.

  2. Under Feedback, choose Create Issue to open an issue for the current document.

  3. Submit your issue and wait for our response.

Earn your SAP Community Badges for collaborating with us on SAP Documentation!

The category is “Collaboration Missions”, and there are two badges available:

For more information, see Collaboration missions for the Open Documentation Initiative | SAP Blogs