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I facilitated a technology transfer session to our community of to-be development experts. Initially I and even participants had a big doubt what is in for me. But the day unfolded very interesting discussions. My learning and the short summary is presented here.

NW Gateway

Explained the difference between XI and Gateway where once supports B2B and other light weight supports B2C which comes as an add-on in NW stack. Transaction to invoke it is TA SEGW. The different deployment options, capabilities of GW with the developer tools it support, like modelling provisioning, Registering the services. Understood how Eclipse play a major role in the integration scenarios.

Smart Business cockpit

Data war, and its part in UI. With Fiori Design principles, we created KPI tiles in Launchpad and attached with certain evaluations.

Switch Framework

ERP 6.0 >= we have this as part of ABAP to allow Industry solutions to switch on/off Business function sets which is the top layer of any ERP system with IS add-ons.

ESF2 framework

Single framework as replacement of ESF, S&AM, BOPF, EXF. Business objects creations demo starting with structures(consists of Elements, actions, queues, and association) along with implementation (consists of determination/validation)

Workforce Performance Builder

Part of the Education Portfolio, used for documentation and training for employees, audit etc. Can cumulate all and any type of training, process docs. For a company taken over by SAP in 2012 got integrated into SAP education solutions. 4 important roles to operate the tool like Producer, Introducer, Manager, and Navigator.


The technical aspects of Gateway as OData service with interesting discussions on Restful Vs SOAP protocols. It gives a single data model with different end points, than web services. It helps in pagination, and possibility to filter data at each stage from server to UI. Shopping cart app schema is used for demo


Started with intro to SaaS, PaaS & IaaS. SAP's in-memory cloud platform which helps developers to have apps developed with JAVA EE6 or HANA. The development consists of Runtime, integration, Persistence, Secure data. 3 services provided by HCP are Connectivity service, persistence service & Identity service. Certain constraints like JAVA version minimum 6.0; Apps developed in WAR format should be <= 1.5GB; Only Langu EN supported; all tools are tested with Windows 7(64bit)+ java EE6; Supported broswers like IE9 >=; FF, Chrome; Safari 5.1>=; go to to access the platform for trail account as Internal developer and even for customers

Post Processing Framework

PPF shipped as part of Enterprise Warehouse management Add-on; Workflow with simple case demo+ details on outbound delivery with /nVL01N& /nPROD. In SPRO we understood how to set the conditions and linking. In /nSCWM the navigation of the framework as add-on installations steps is showcased

Business Workflow

In /n SWDD showcased the creation of business workflows with few templates and screen designer


Hybris integration scenario for loyalty management with mash up demo. Architecture of IaaS (Monsoon), PaaS (HCP), core services including Hybris services with Mango DB (Free open source) with little integration with HDB. Jenkins as job scheduler for structures to create the infra readiness with GIT staging. Document repository as core services is showcased


Real-time process integration demo with Banking payments for ByD to TSI (Partner of ByD) to do payments with data integration, prepackage integration flow. Later they realized the capabilities of SAP FSN for core banking with HCI. Trail account used is from