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Product and Topic Expert

Last changed 24th of June, 2020

On the Road to BW/4HANA - second stage finalized

This is the second Part of the Blog - On the Road to BW/4HANAfirst stage accomplished

Now we have to go back to the Solution Manager and make sure that the correct data is synchronized from the SAP BW Backend with the BW/4HANA Starter Add-On is replicated first to the SLD and then to the LMDB of the Solution Manager.

If you are struggling here, see the
SAP First Guidance – SEM/BW Modelling in SolMan 7.x with MOPZ

The Document also includes the enablement of the new SAP Support Backend connection.

Note 2836302 - Automated guided steps for enabling Note Assistant for TCI and Digitally Signed SAP N...


If there are Problems with the needed Attribute Change Packages, see the
SAP First Guidance – complete functional scope (CFS) for SAP BW/4HANA


Transaction RZ70 in the SAP BW Backend

Note 1977240 - Extension of the AS ABAP SLD Data Supplier (RZ70)
Note 2188401 - Enabling HTTP(S) in RZ70

Resynchronize Technical System from SLD into LMDB

Upload the correct data from the Solution Manager to the SAP Support Portal

Log on to the Maintenance Planer and select your SAP Backend System

Check that your system data is replicated to the Maintenance Planer (this might take a few minutes)

Continue with the Maintenance Task ...

Download the Stack XML and push the files to your Download Basket.

If the needed software component SAP_ABA 75A was not selected by the Maintenance Planer, you can also download the necessary files manually and add the files to the import queue.

Now we can continue with the technical migration to BW/4HANA.

Run the BW/4HANA Migration

The migration can be done without the software update manager (SUM) directly in the SAP BW system via Transaction SAINT. Make sure that your SAINT version is recent (7.50/0063)

Choose your created Stack XML File

Additionally you have to select the SAP_ABA 75A component in the selection here as well.

The technical migration to BW/4HANA is running now.

After the Implementation is finished, run Transaction SPAU to reset everything back to SAP standard.

Once the SAINT procedure is finsihed, you can continue in you new system with BW/4HANA specific settings. Check the Document - SAP First Guidance – complete functional scope (CFS) for SAP BW/4HANA

If you are not yet using the BW Modeling Tools (BW-MT) now it is the time to activate them - see SAP First Guidance – Implementing BW-MT as the new SAP BW Modeling Experience

Congrats, your System is now migrated to BW/4HANA!!!

SP04 for BW/4HANA is released ... - news with SP04 for BW/4HANA

It is now possible to activate the BPC standard/embedded models again in BW/4HANA for the usage of BPC for BW/4HANA (Version 11.0)

Features BW/4 SP08 (FP01) - Roadmap BW/4 2.0 new

- with SP10 is it possible to activate the BCS 1.0 for BW/4 HANA Add-On

This pictures showing the evolution of the NW, ABAP and BW/4 Releases on HANA


Roland Kramer, SAP Platform Architect for Intelligent Data & Analytics