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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

  1. OK, I promised I would write about some of the latest tutorials from the SAP Tutorial Navigator, especially the new missions for which you can earn a badge. So here goes.

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SAP Mobile Cards

My favorite mission, where you create mobile apps -- or cards that get deployed into the SAP Mobile Cards client (an app on your mobile phone). I mean, you can create a mobile app with no code -- but still control the UI and the data and more. I've completed it -- Yeah!! Another badge! -- and there are more SAP Mobile Cards tutorials on the way.


SAP API Management

Learn how to to build an app (this one for viewing your sales orders) using SAP API Management to help you make use of S/4HANA APIs. By the way, this one also makes use of SAP Mobile Cards, though the focus is on managing the APIs.


SAP Screen Personas

SAP Screen Personas is a simple way -- by dragging and dropping components -- to create and personalize UIs, especially mobile-ready screens, for an ERP system.

The mission lets you create a basic service notification application, and makes use of a free trial ERP environment.


SAP Cloud Platform Portal

You may have seen much of this mission at SAP TechEd this year, though it has been improved since. It was put together by lindsay.bert, a former User Assistance colleague of mine and an exceptionally good writer who tests the tutorials until they are perfect.

What I like about the mission (besides that you can earn a badge), is that it is clearly organized in very logical groups: first create your portal site (with pages and branding), then add all different types of apps to the site which is the main reason for the portal sites, and finally manage translation.


SAP Community

If you are new to the community, you must have seen this one, required of all new bloggers. Even if you are an old-timer in the community, it's worth doing this one -- remember, you also get a badge.

You'll get a useful refresher in:

  • Setting your profile

  • Setting notifications

  • Following tags and people

  • Writing blogs

  • Posting questions ... and more


SAP Cloud Platform (Java Development)

This one is hot off the press, and will be of interest to the millions of Java developers out there. This mission uses a reference app to go through the steps of building a Java app on the SAP Cloud Platform, as well as using some of the platform's more useful services.



Our blockchain colleagues are busy putting together dozens and dozens of tutorials -- from blockchain to multichain to chaincode to chain mail (oops, I have Game of Thrones on my mind). They have already released a few.



There's a lot of activity with ABAP tutorials. We have:

We also have a new group on creating a message bridge using ABAP Daemon Framework with MQTT.


Follow daniel.wroblewski to stay up to date on developer tutorials
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