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We are view ODATA API that are published in SAP API Hub. These APIs can be consumed through various tools available in the market. POSTMAN is one such tool that we might be using to query the ODATA API for retrieving the data.

There are situations wherein we might get various different issues when we try to query the ODATA API. In the current blog, I have detailed on the steps for troubleshooting various issues that we might encounter.


We might face the situation wherein the ODATA API is executed successfully in SAP Gateway Client i.e. when we execute the API using the transaction /n/iwfnd/gw_client. But the same ODATA API fails when executed using POSTMAN.

The troubleshooting steps in this blog exactly covers the step by step approach in order to resolve the issue and execute the ODATA API successfully.


Troubleshooting Steps

When we execute the ODATA Service using POSTMAN then we get the error "The service is not recognized for user <xyz>". When we encounter such issues then we can do following troubleshooting process:

  1. First verify whether the SSL Certificate verification is disabled

  2. Check whether the URL is proper by verifying in the backend system. Use transaction: SMICM->GoTo->Services.

    Verify the HostName and Port specified in POSTMAN is same as that in the backend.

  3. Check whether the logon credentials in "Basic Auth" in "Authorization" tab is correct. Verify by logging on to the ABAP backend system.

  4. Check in the ABAP backend system whether the "SAP system Alias" is specified.
    Using Transaction: /n/iwfnd/maint_services -> using "Filter" option. In the below screenshot, I have provided example ODATA API name. You can search for the ODATA API which is of interest.

    Verify whether the ODATA service has the "SAP system alias". If it is not specified then please specify one by adding new entry

  5. Check whether the metadata loads correctly in backend

  6. Remove all "Cookies" from the POSTMAN

  7. Now verify whether the $metadata is able to fetch the details about the ODATA service.

  8. If the error still exist then verify the error in the backend.
    /n/iwfnd/maint_services -> Filter the ODATA service and check the error log.



The troubleshooting approach will help to resolve the issues that occur when POSTMAN is used to execute the ODATA API.