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After we launched SAP Gateway some years ago our partners and customers are constantly developing creative and inovative solutions. The capability to expose APIs in a convenient and well managed way to either external communities or to allow internal developers convenient and homogenious access to the backend systems was something where a piece was missing. With SAP API Management there is now a solution available to add the missing piece on-premise and in the cloud.

This Wednesday (October 14th) I will give a 30 minute webinar on how SAP API Management is helping to enable innovative digital scenarios. If you are interested please register here and to get more details on the planned webinar.

The webinar is part of a series of webinars that are showing the various aspects of "Integration Solutions for the digital age", as detailed out by Matthias here. Sindhu has already started the series last week by giving an overview on how to simplify the integration challenge.

**** Update ****

Now that the webinar is over - and thanks to all who participated - I would like to give an summary on the questions that were asked.

Q: Is it also possible to manage APIs that are not coming from a SAP System?

A: Yes, any http-based API can be managed by SAP API Management

Q: Do I need a HCP subscription in order to be able to use SAP API Management?

A: No, API Management can run indepenent. Still there can be usecases where using HCP as extension platform could make sense

Q: I am using SAP PI - can I also use SAP API Management to create an external facing platfrom?

A: Yes, SAP API Management can also connect to SOAP Services and could do (if required) an SOAP to REST conversion for easier external usage

Q: What is the difference between SAP Gateway and the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)?

A: SAP Gateway is the tool to 'restify' the ABAP-based systems from SAP. The REST / OData calls coming out of SAP Gateway could already be used inside of HTML5 or native apps. The SMP is adding mobile-specific functionalities on top (SMP uses the SAP Gateway OData Calls). Offline support, device onboarding, push notifications are being added by SMP on-top.

Q: Today only HCP is supported. Will other cloud providers also be supported in the future?

A: No, currently only support for HCP is planned

Q: Is there information available to learn more about which APIs are available for publishing SAP ERP Master Data?

A: First of all there are the SOAP Services:  . In addition (and more common at customers) is to implement the right services for your scenarios by using SAP Gateway.

Q: Is it neccecary to implement SAP API Managment on the SAP HANA Platform?

A: API Management is also available for on-premise installation (based on SUSE or RHEL). A HANA database is not required in this case. In the cloud there are licensing option available with and without HANA support - depending on your requirements in the analytical area.