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In this post, I would like to share the Focused Insights best practices for OCC strategic score-cards for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Solutions.

OCC score-cards are used to measure, visualize and control the objectives of Operation Control Center.

This article is based on the following SAP documents describing SAP methodology for the operations and the management of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud applications.


OCC Objectives

For SAP HEC centric solutions, the Operation Control Center has 4 main objectives:



Full transparency regarding performance and availability

To stop guessing about missing availability for certain scenarios and associated badly recognized performance, neutral measurement including appropriately associated service level agreements (SLA) is necessary.

User Experience Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager provides full visibility and understanding of the end-user behavior for cloud scenarios measured from their end user’s locations.

Availability and performance management is based on defining and evaluating service level agreements (SLA) aligned between end-users and service provider.



Reliable data transfer and message transport

One of the key challenges is to manage the integration between cloud and HEC components.

It needs to be ensured that data and message transfer is executed in a reliable matter. This means no data or message can get lost. This implies that data or message transfer is monitored and alerted in case of disturbed situation.

Interface Connection Monitoring (ICMon) provides sufficient monitoring capability to manage holistically the complete interface landscape of a SAP solution.

Appropriately the most common interface technologies as web service, RFC, IDOC, file transfer, GW Services and PI message flows are integrated in ICMon.




No data inconsistencies between  CLOUD and OP/HEC components

It is in the nature of hybrid scenarios, containing combinations of cloud and HEC components, that master and transactional data are exchanged as a one-time event or on a regular basis.

it needs to be ensured that all kinds of inconsistencies between cloud and HEC component in whatever combination are automatically discovered.

SAP provides with Cross Database Compare (CMC) as part of Data Consistency Management (DCM) as generic approach to compare database content of different business systems with each other.




Business Process KPIs can be tracked for all components

Hybrid business processes are running partially on cloud and partially on HEC components.

It needs to be ensured that business process KPIs for cloud components can be provided and visualized in dashboards enabling business users to keep their business on track.

Business Process KPIs indicate clearly whether business processes are running smoothly.

SAP Solution Manager provides with Business Process Monitoring (BP Mon) an integrated solution to collect and visualize business process KPIs across different business process steps and technical components.



Please check the following link to get more information on how to create score card with Focused Insights on SAP Solution Manager.