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Did you know when customers are reviewing a KBA via the SAP Service Marketplace, they have the ability of rating the KBAs by using a 5-star rating system?

INFO: if you find a KBA deserves some recognition, you can give it a star rating. You can provide this via the Overall Rating at the top right hand corner of the KBA. (Refer to image below)

The purpose of this document is to provide the top 20 highest star rated knowledge base articles (KBA's) from the Upgrade component.  The goal here is to provide you the highest rated and voted KBAs from our customers. This blog is planned to get updated regularly.

Please leave any feedback in the comments section.


Number Description
1818192 FAQ: Automated Note Search Tool
1616401 Understanding parallelism during the Upgrades, EhPs and Supp
1730081 Main language for documentation module /SDF/WS_MON not found
1790486 SAP_ABA is in an undefined state that is not safe to be upgrade
1541124 Importing of a Support Package or transporting a change
1630256 Usage of the "memory-optimized activator" during  Upgrades an
1702079 Background jobs cannot be started, exit code 7 in SLOG during
1909768 ANST001 Fatal Error. Customizing table is not filled
1838153 How to get the logs when getting an error during the upgrade
1845081 SPAM: Error  during the method execution phase  of HR SPs SA
1970888 HowTo: SPDD/SPAU handling during the Update/Upgrade
1845242 Error "Not all required corrections were implemented" & "Inc
1928534 Obsolete SAP notes deimplemented during SPAU adjustment
1869507 Upgrade error message "Found contradicting entry for 'j2ee/d
1945399 performance analysis for SHADOW_IMPORT_INC and TABIM_UPG ph
1857002 Difference between Netweaver 7.0 EHP3 and Netweaver 7.3 EHP1
1869260 Error "Some of the archives defined in the stack  configuration
1904239 SUM options to change parameters entered in INITPUT and INIT
1846111 Logs that need to be checked while importing a package using
1738989 Upgrade/Support Package import hang due to INACTIVE wait eve

** The top KBA notes does not include SNotes because of a limitation on the system.

See also blog: NW System Upgrade Top KBAs and Recently Added/Updated KBAs and SAP Notes

:!: Please note, in order to view the contents of the SAP Notes, you will need to be logged into Service Marketplace.