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Important Note : This blog is only relevant for SAP Analytics Cloud PartnerTest tenant type and not for customer  tenants.


An update to the SAP Analytics Cloud PartnerTest Tenant  type Tenant :

We understood from our partner community that many of our SAP partners positioning SAP Analytics Cloud to their customers  were not able to leverage the scheduling publications  feature using multiple bookmarks for generating multiple publications with-in same schedule and test / demo / showcase the same to their customers as number of publications was mainly tied to the number of licenses they owned. We also do understand there are many partners who are starting their journey of SAP Analytics Cloud with their customers and are eager to ramp up and be ready for your customers.

With the high demands from our partner community focused mainly for testing and demonstrating the scheduling publications feature to their customers, we are changing the way they can generate number of publications.

 Starting 2020.18 wave release on the fast track tenants exclusively for the PartnerTest Tenant types , we have made adjustments in the way you can generate number of publications as we have removed the number of publications based on number of licenses  you owned.

So , what you as partner on your SAC partnertest tenant get is as below:


6 Publications for every 6 hours - This is Constant irrespective of number of SAC licenses PartnerTest Tenant has



which means in a day , you get 4 slots where you can generate upto 6 publications in each slots. Each schedule can consists of one or more publications but a total of maximum of SIX publications can be generated in every SIX hour slot you have . Slots are based on the UTC timezone.

All Tenants under these the category of PartnerTest types  gets same number of publications irrespective of number of licenses they owned.

With this current addition, every partner who have purchased the PartnerTest type based tenants would be able to leverage scheduling publications and help your customers in their journey.


To read more about the number of publications on what we offer tot he customers tenants and how we offer within the current licenses what customer owns, please refer the blog link as below:

Scheduling Publications – Number of publications


For going through the master blog introducing scheduling publications, do visit the below link :

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