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Here is a new edition of my digest blog series providing an overview of the content I found when dealing with SAP Decision Service Management (DSM) and Business Rule Framework plus (BRFplus).

Product Modeling for the Utilities Industry

DSM/BRFplus is tightly integrated into the Utilities industry solution. Several sources of information exist:

Misconceptions about SAP Decision Service Management vs. BRFplus

This is a very important blog as it contains a list of questions that are often asked about DSM and BRFplus. And of course the blog also gives the answers. :smile:
Thanks wolfgang.schaper for putting this together.

SAP Decision Service Management or How to Get Rid of Custom Code

This is the video of a talk by christian.lechner. He introduces DSM and he explains how it can be used to reduce or eliminate custom code. In 2013 I wrote a blog about this topic, How to Kill Custom Code and Z-Tables. Dr. Christian Lechner was obviously inspired by this blog. However, in his talk he dives much deeper into the topic than I did in my blog.

Handling of Applications with the BRF+ API

DSM/BRFplus superhero christian.lechnershowed his superhero skills in a little blog series on how to use the BRFplus API. It’s very well explained and very instructive!
Handling of Applications with the BRF+ API (Part 1)
Handling of Applications with the BRF+ API (Part 2)

Tracing in SAP Decision Service Management

Over the last 12 months we have improved the tracing capabilities of DSM/BRFplus significantly. Unfortunately, roll-out of the information fell behind. This gap has now been closed with a new document.

SAP Decision Service Management Test Case Tool

The DSM test case tool was finally released in summer 2014. Thanks to wolfgang.schaper we have a document that explains its capabilities.

Usage of BRFplus in BW Transformations – Quick Wins and Challenges

Once again a very informative and helpful contribution by SAP mentor tobias.trapp.

A Quick Look at DSM HANA Expressions using Dynamic Database View

And another blog from tobias.trapp. This time he pioneered writing about the Dynamic Database View feature in DSM. Some very hard work is being done on HANA capabilities. At TechEd in Las Vegas and Berlin we already gave a preview of the next level that is much more powerful than what Tobias describes here.

What Was Your Recipe for Success for Learning BRFplus?

This is a very interesting blog bytobias.trappasking the readers to comment on how they learned to use BRFplus. I hope there are many responses to his blog. I know that there are 2-3 sources that lead to misunderstandings and problems. Let’s see if this is confirmed by the commenters. Over the last few years I used training courses to observe users of DSM/BRFplus to work out usability improvements with the development teams.