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Different scenarios which require notifications (either email or SMS) in Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager are :

  1. Information about planned downtimes, peak business hours and other events in the technical landscape

  2. Alert situations like system not available, IDOCs failing etc.

Central Notification Management(CNM) is an infrastructure application in Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager. This enables customization and configuration of notifications in Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager.

Every notification has 3 components:

  1. Whom to send the notification to? What is the preferred mode(email or SMS)?

  2. What is the content to be sent?

  3. When should the notifications be sent?

These 3 aspects of notification are defined using CNM applications: Recipients, Templates and Schedules.

You can find them under the tile " Central Notification Management" in the section "Infrastructure Administration".


Receivers of the notification are termed as recipients.


To create a new recipient list, you can click on the "+" button,which will open a screen like this.

Name : any meaningful title to identify the recipient list in the follow up steps.

Validity: to be used to ensure data privacy. You can change the validity as per your organization's policy. Notifications will be sent only to active and valid recipient lists.

Customer Independent flag:   indicates that it is used by administrators who work across customers. Hence SU01 (System Users) can be selected to be notified. Please make sure that email ids or SMS numbers are maintained for these users.

Email ids or SMS numbers: they can be entered as tokens.


Templates provide a way to structure the notification content.

Title : any meaningful title to identify the template in the follow up steps.

Mode : Email template is different from SMS template in terms of length of the notification content.

Customer Network : Can this template be used across customers or is it particular to a customer?

Keywords : these are design time values which will be assigned the correct run time values when the notification is sent out.


When to send the notification is specified here.

It could be:

In case of work modes, it could be 1 hour before the event OR 3 hours before the event.

Title : any meaningful title to identify the schedule in the follow up steps.


Now that building blocks of CNM are covered, we will look at how to configure notifications for your scenarios.

  1. Auto Notification Configuration for Work Modes in Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager