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This blog is regarding new and updated notes released during the Month of June related to the issues in Portal Navigation. Hope this will be be useful to everyone.

1. 2310111 - iView/page is opening in tab instead of window in IE11

Symptom - When Portal iViews/Pages are set to "launch in new window", but the gets launched in a new tab.

Versions -

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3x           

2. 2311707 - How to set Portal to run in Standards Edge document mode [VIDEO]

Symptom - Rendering issues are seen in Portal. Portal opens the content in a new window. You can assign Ajax Standards framework page to render in content area.

Versions -

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.31
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.40
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.50

3. 2315988 - Wrong popup size when launching new window in Portal

Symptom - When a popup window is being launched from the portal, the popup window (new window) that opens up is in minimized state, as a small window.

Versions -

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3x
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.40
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.50

4. 2332936 - Count is not displaying on tile in portal

Symptom - On creating a Fiori iview for MY Inbox in Enterprise Portal,Work items count is not visible on tile, instead it shows as three dots (...) with $count, Error.

Versions -

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3x
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.40
  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.50

5. 2319684 - TLN blank on external facing portal

Symptom - TLN is blank after login to external facing portal using ajax framework. It works correctly when the classic framework page is assigned

Versions -

  • SAP Netweaver Relase Independent

6. 2335387 - Portal new window is not resizable

Symptom - New portal windows (with navigation mode - 1, 3, 10 etc.) are opened in small dimensions and are not re-sizable.

Versions -

  • EP RUNTIME 7.50 SP 5

7. 2335402 - In FLP@EP, Destination name which doesn't ends with "/" crashes the remote content serach

Symptom - When using FLP@EP , you have the optionto consume remote content from an ABAP Front-End server (FES).The URL to retrieve the remote content, must end with forward slash ("/" ) in order to see the available content.

Versions -


8. 2333589 - FLP@EP Theme personalization is not saved

Symptom - After applying the Note#2312400, still your theme personalization is not saved. This is seen at cases where the theme id is different than theme name

Versions -

  • EP RUNTIME 7.31 SP 19
  • EP RUNTIME 7.40 SP 14

9. 2331115 - FLP@EP cache busting is not working for Fiori Apps

Symptom - After applying SAP Note#2322198 and setting the SAPUI5 source library property to JAVA the cache busting functionality which were introduced in SAP Note #2272380 stopped working.

Versions -


10. 2321259 - Service Map iview contains redundant empty cells for the navigation node's description

Symptom - The user enable the accessibility mode. The Service Map iView contains redundant empty cells for the navigation node's description.

Versions - 

  • EP RUNTIME 7.30 SP 17
  • EP RUNTIME 7.31 SP 17 - SP 19
  • EP RUNTIME 7.40 SP 12 - SP 14
  • EP RUNTIME 7.50 SP 03/ SP 05

11. 2323896 - Remote Catalog News Tile in SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal in NW7.5 SPS01 only

Symptom - You are consuming a remote catalog which includes a news tile. You cannot see the news tile in the home page.

Versions -

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.50 SP 01

12. 2305854 - Issues with Sync/Update Home Page

Symptom - On using the "Sync Home Page"/"Update Home Page" feature, you are facing issues like update home page indicates you have pending changes even though the administrator didn't perform any. Update home page dialog is opened even after you choose "update now".

Versions -

  • EP RUNTIME 7.31 SP 18 - SP19
  • EP RUNTIME 7.40 SP 13 - SP14


Santarshi Samanta