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Maybe you’re running a legacy version of data warehouse and you’re looking to upgrade. Maybe your company is moving to the cloud and you want to manage your data there as well. Or maybe you just want to bring the insights not available today to business users.

If any of this describes you, I’m not exactly reading your mind. I just understand where you’re coming from. After all, many companies today know that differentiation is increasingly based on the ability to generate insight from data – and as part of the IT team at your company, it’s your job to help deliver that insight. But when your data landscape grows more complex every day, generating real-time insight in a timely manner across data sources…well, that can be quite difficult.

The data warehouse made for today’s challenges

This is why many of our customers are moving to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution. Think of it as a data warehouse-as-a-service. It’s all in the cloud. It connects quickly to all of your SAP and non-SAP data sources. It integrates with your SAP landscape out of the box. And it enables access and visibility throughout your company – empowering users globally to get the insight they need to drive company strategy.

It also makes IT look really good!

When I talk about SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, I tend to emphasise three key points. Let’s have a quick look:


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a comprehensive solution for the analytics needs of your company. It is pre integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud, it comes with adapters for core SAP applications you use to run your business – and it connects to any other data source you need to access. The result is a single source of truth that puts all your people on the same page.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud also includes a business semantic layer that enables business users to instantly understand and model their data. Pre-built business content for LoBs and industries, meanwhile, help your people to hit the road running and quickly get the insight they need.


Data is meant to be shared. This is why SAP Data Warehouse Cloud was built with collaboration in mind. Your business users get an exceptional user experience with dedicated spaces for business users to analyse and model data as needed.

But when it comes to sharing data – internally with colleagues or externally with partners and other stakeholders – proper data governance is all-important. To help ensure data security and privacy, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud supports enterprise-class, centralised governance with open and native data transformation and harmonisation tooling. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, collaboration is secure.


And, of course, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is fast. At its core is the SAP HANA database, an in-memory database for real-time insight. You also get optimised storage capacity with superior data compression, support for persistent memory, and multiple storage options with elastic scale to meet all data volume and performance needs.

In addition, SAP HANA – and thus, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – supports high-performance data virtualisation. What does this mean? Basically, it means “connect, don’t collect.” SAP HANA can connect to all your data sources where they live – rather than physically replicating data in some centralised location. (But, of course, if you want to replicate data for some reason – SAP HANA can support that approach as well).


Don’t take my word for it

One company that has had great success with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is , the famous automaker. No stranger to speed, Porsche wanted a fast database to deliver insight in real time. The company used SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to create a single virtual layer that connects legacy data systems and optimises the flow of data throughout the organisation.

Ultimately, Porsche was able to eliminate manual reporting processes, enabling all lines of business to access real-time data and draw valuable insights to help shape decision-making. Today, users have the flexibility to experiment with data while IT maintains robust data safety and security controls.


Learn More at SAPTechEd

Like Porsche, your company can enjoy the same database speed and flexibility with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Want to learn more? Be sure to register for and attend SAP TechEd this year and check out all the talks that dive into the details. SAP TechEd is virtual this year – and free of charge. Hope to “see” you there.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud @SAP TechEd

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