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Colsubsidio is a non-profit organisation in Colombia committed to reducing poverty, increasing the opportunities of its members, and generating an inclusive  socio-economic model through healthcare, retail, and social security services.

Colsubsidio wanted to address their growing ERP database. To support this, the customer's SAP Enterprise Support advisor advised them to register for the SAP Enterprise Support value map for data volume management which could provide them with the road-map, support and expertise to address their challenge and to increase their data volume management (DVM) knowledge.

As part of the value map, the customer took advantage of an SAP Enterprise Support Academy expert guided implementation (EGI) to implement the SAP Solution Manager DVM workcenter and worked closely with an SAP Enterprise Support value map focus advisor in the configuration of the workcenter. Ana Lina Velandia from Colsubsidio had the following feedback:

"The database of our SAP ERP system was constantly growing, so we took advantage of the SAP Enterprise Support value map for data volume management to adopt best practices for managing data storage and growth. In addition, we activated the data volume management workcenter in SAP Solution Manager 7.1. We are satisfied with the extensive knowledge transfer provided by the value maps, which saved us about 50% of time and effort for upskilling our IT team"

SAP Enterprise Support value maps offer customers the benefits of faster navigation to solutions with simplified access to expertise, a unique environment to exchange with SAP professionals to receive best practice guidance and reduced time to value through social business collaboration via SAP Jam.

Are you benefiting from the next level of support & collaboration - SAP Enterprise Support value maps yet? Learn more by watching this info-session (login required) or visiting our SAP Enterprise Support Academy value maps landing page.

SAP Enterprise Support value maps powered by the SAP Enterprise Support Academy, help you build the knowledge and skills needed to fully maximize the benefit of SAP Enterprise Support. Value maps enable you to harness the full potential of SAP Solution Manager tools and empower your IT teams to operate more efficiently. By selecting the right tools and services for your business, and by collaborating with SAP experts and peers, you are well positioned to operate and innovate better.