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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
NLSQL company is based out of Kyiv, Ukraine with registered entity in London, UK.
NLSQL is NLP to SQL software, that help company employees to get BI insights from SAP quickly and easily with intuitive Natural Language Interface. NLSQL also allows anyone to easily make data-driven decisions, increasing productivity and driving businesses forward faster.

NLSQL recently achieved SAP Certified -Built on SAP Cloud Platform for their product NLSQL 1.0. Since its inception in March 2018, NLSQL has gained tremendous visibility with various achievements & awards. To know more about their successful journey and their certified solution, I enquired with Denis, CEO of NLSQL if he would like to share his experience. He readily accepted my request and we had a wonderful discussion which you can read below.

1) Congratulations on successfully completing the certification for your product NLSQL 1.0. Can you tell what this product is all about?

Today medium to large organizations rely more and more on data driven insights for their business decisions. However, most decision-makers at the moment lack programming skills. With NLSQL, companies can allow non-technical employees to have quick and easy access to data with an intuitive text interface, saving many man hours and making business more efficient.

Also, NLSQL itself provides SAP users with Search & AI-Driven Analytics with a natural language user interface. A non-technical user can get Business Intelligence insights and drill to the basic details inside SAP using the same language they’d use to ask a colleague via chat. It helps employees get access to information an order of magnitude faster and make more data-driven business decisions.

2) Could you provide us a little bit of information about company NLSQL?

In March 2018 NLSQL was incorporated in London, UK. We are a passionate team of six who love all things related to Natural Language and Business Intelligence with our HQ in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We’re driven to see a world where the power of Big Data is also in the hands of non-technical employees. A world where this power makes their lives easier, where they’re saved from the drudgery of routine tasks, and have more time to spend on the things that matter such as spending time with their loved ones, friends, and families.

3) Why was it important for NLSQL to apply for certification?

It’s important when you build a new feature to know if it is 100% correctly designed for SAP. As we’re the first company to provide a Natural Language Interface for SAP, we’re innovators and pioneers. We don’t have anyone else to measure ourselves against. Before certification it was a significant challenge to know whether our features were SAP compliant or not, to know what was good practice and what wasn’t.

However, once we got certification most of those challenges melted away. Building features in NLSQL for SAP has become relatively straightforward and we’re confident our users can get the most out of SAP and save time with our tool.

4) How did the certification help in improving the quality of the product and positioning it to customers?

We launched our product on the SAP App Center and on SAP Partner's portal. As well as getting enquiries via these marketing channels we were able to get feedback from customers and get a deeper insight into their challenges.

As I mentioned earlier businesses are increasingly relying on insights based on available data for important decisions. We learned from SAP customers that most users of data (business analysts, HR, sales representatives etc.) often lack the programming skills required to access this data. Also, getting queries and analysis from a company's database can take a considerable amount of time (up to hours for large enterprises). The sales rep who is asked by a prospect for a particular piece of data needs that information in seconds, not hours.

Additionally, there are high integration costs for data analytic tools. Not just the cost of the tool itself, but the large amount of time needed to train users on how to use the tool. This is why we settled on a intuitive Natural Language Interface with NLSQL.

Finally, we learned from SAP users that most 3rd party tools they work with only use one data source, while the information they require can come from multiple sources (ERP, CRM systems). Compared to these tools, NLSQL users saw up to a 80% decrease in the time it took to make business decisions, and a integration cost reduction of 30%-60% compared to usual GUI software products.

5) How long has been your association with SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) and if you can share your experience?

We started communication at the end of 2018, but officially started certification in May 2019.

Our experience with the SAP ICC team has been frankly amazing! We are especially grateful to the Moscow and Germany SAP ICC departments. They did a fantastic job in giving advice and helping us through many of the SAP procedures. We deeply appreciate the great job the SAP ICC team do.

6) What next for NLSQL 1.0?

Our next challenge is in healthcare. We received funding from the German Federal Ministry to build medical Business Intelligence software for the German healthcare system. This will be a huge project involving multiple doctors from medical research universities across Germany.

The big idea is to provide Hospital managers who aren’t technically skilled with a Natural Language interface to the Hospital ICU system database. As well as the complexity of the challenge, we’re deeply moved by this problem. The decisions medical staff make don’t just affect patients, but the families and loved ones of those who fall ill. We appreciate the opportunity to do what we can to help make these people’s jobs easier so they can focus on what’s important—helping people.

We’ll also continue to improve and iterate NLSQL based on feedback from SAP users. We’re committed to focusing on our customers, to exceed their expectations and build a product that gives them their time back.

Thanks Denis for taking time for this discussion and I wish you many more success.

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