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The Data Export Service surely was a highlight on the 2022 SAP Analytics Cloud roadmap. It enables countless new use cases given its flexibility and speed. Bi-directional data transfer for planning with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, insight to action with LOB applications, and enhanced on premise integration are just few examples for that. Make sure to review all the great blog posts that have been published until now: Data Export Service blog posts

In this blog post, I want to give you an update on new features coming your way with QRC1.2023. I recommend reading it all the way to the end if you do not want to miss out on an exciting announcement 😉

Delta export – monitoring and configuration UI

In Q4 2022, the delta export capability was introduced to the Data Export Service. The delta functionality allows you extract any data changes such as insertions, deletions and updates, in a planning model. This simplifies and reduces the time of your export operations as it avoids full data extraction to retrieve the latest data from the planning model. If you store planning analytics or forecasting data in an external system for example, there’s no longer need to truncate the table and run a full export. Instead, export the delta and adjust the target table performing upsert and/or delete based on the delta.

The delta functionality works along with a subscription concept, introduced by the Cloud Data Integration specification (CDI). You need to create a subscription on a given planning model to extract the delta data from that model. This allows you to retrieve the differences in data over a specified period. These subscriptions track the changes made to a particular model, over a specified time period.

With QRC1.2023, we are adding a UI inside the Data Management space of the SAC model itself to help you manage these delta subscriptions. It provides you with detailed views of subscription chains. You can create, delete, and examine subscriptions for a model with selections and filters, and view recent subscription activity in chronological order through the access timeline.

Subscription creation

Subscription details

Subscription overview

Streamlining of export job configuration

As you can see above, the Data Management space is currently being redesigned to offer a visual interface to manage the Data Export Service subscriptions directly within SAP Analytics Cloud. To prepare for these changes, we’ve changed the way the way to push data to SAP S4/HANA, SAP Business Integrated Planning, SAP BW and SAP BW4/HANA using OData services. By default, only the file and the SAP BPC options are now available. To be able to push data to other applications, you can now enable the Enable Legacy Export option first. Please note that as a best practice, we recommend using the Data Export Service whenever possible to export data.

Enable legacy export

What will be next?

In the area of the Data Export Service API, we plan to enable the export of currency rate tables in Q2 2023.

And most importantly, we add a new member to our API family! Please, stay tuned for our Data Import API that is planned to be available on the SAP API Business Hub in in Q2 2023! Once more, this is a generic API – this time to push data into both fact tables (public versions) and local dimension master data (public dimensions to be added asap).  It shall allow data workflows to go all the way to the model, for example, using Data Intelligence or SAP Cloud Integration Suite.

So, that’s it… but just for now 😉 Our data integration team will continue to ship exciting innovation to you. So much is for sure.