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January fruitful Release 

In the upcoming Hana Cloud Portal release we will add some new features that will significantly enhance the site authoring capabilities. We are going to release site page templates, navigation mega menu with page hierarchy, document repository to save assets and additional cool features. As part of this innovative release, we have decided to change the default theme of the sites that you build on top of HANA Cloud Portal.

Cloud Portal default theme

Cloud Portal already provides advanced design and branding capabilities. Each and every one of you can design and brand the site according to your preferences -  change the background color or image, font style, widgets background, logo and additional design elements in your site by adopting parameters using LESS technology. For more information refer to this blog.

To make it easier for you, there is an out of the box  default theme. You can decide whether to use it or to replace it according to your own preferences.

Today, the default theme has clouds in the background. Recently, based on feedback from stakeholders, customer and partners, we’ve decided to release new default theme based on SAP branding standards and guides.

The new default theme includes nice background image of stones, replacing the existing clouds, and also some additional style settings, which make your site looks much more innovative .

In case you are working with a default theme, you’ll be able very soon to see the new theme.

Still want to use the old cloud theme?

We also kept the old version of the clouds theme. Those of you who prefer to use the old theme, can still do that:

  1. Go to themes tab
  2. Click on new theme > fill in the parameters
  3. Browser for the LESS file attached to this blog > save your new theme
  4. Select the Cloud Portal Clouds Theme entry that you just added in the Themes table.
  5. Click on “Set as default” button

By running these steps, the old theme of clouds will be the default theme of your tenant.

How to adjust the theme to your own design?

  1. Select the Cloud Portal Theme entry in the Themes table.
  2. Click Download. The File Download dialog box opens.
  3. Save the LESS file in your file system.
  4. After modifying the LESS file as needed, click Add Theme. The Add Theme dialog box opens.
  5. Browse to the new LESS file to upload it.
  6. Click Add.

You are welcome to contact me  for any related issues,