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Some things are vintage and some things are just old. While we were digging through the archives, we found one of our older videos and decided to dust it off and give it an update. Who says something old can’t be new again? And speaking of new, if you’re starting to learn about streaming analytics and trying to figure out how to create, run, or test a project in studio, this is the perfect video for you.

Ready for more good news? Silly question, I know. That’s like asking if you want the last slice of pizza. Anyways, the good news is that this video is part of a tutorial series. So, after you’ve learned the basics of creating and working with projects in studio, you can then learn how to use cockpit to monitor those projects. The bad news? You’ll have to wait for the end of November for the second video to come out. You know the saying: good things come to those who wait!

Update: The second video is now live on our SAP HANA Streaming Analytics playlist. Check it out!

On the bright side, this blog does offer a sneak-peek of the second video. Here are the highlights of each video. Happy reading!


Part 1: Studio – Creating, Running, and Testing a Project

In part 1, we:

  • create a project that filters data and writes it to HANA,

  • compile and execute the project, and

  • test the project by manually loading data to the input stream and checking the results.

Here’s a screengrab from the video demo showing us setting a filter:

Only values greater than 20 in the input stream will show in SAP HANA. After setting the filter, we add an SAP HANA Output adapter. Here we are configuring the adapter to write to SAP HANA:

We’re using the ‘hanadb’ service, connecting to the ‘SYSTEM’ schema, and writing to the target table in SAP HANA, ‘TABLE_TEST’.

After running the project, we test it by manually loading two rows into the input stream: the first with a value below 20 (9), and the second with a value above 20 (21):

Because of the filter, only the second row we added shows in SAP HANA:

That’s the gist of the first video tutorial. Check it out for yourself here. Once you’ve completed the studio tutorial, you’re ready to start monitoring streaming in cockpit! (or you will be once we post the video later this month. Stay tuned!)

Part 2: Cockpit – Monitoring Streaming Analytics

In part 2, we monitor:

  • streaming analytics and general system behavior, using the Monitoring and Administration section, and

  • the streaming project we created in part 1, via the Streaming Analytics.

Here’s a screengrab from the video showing the Monitoring and Administration section:

It shows the behavior of the resource you’re connected to, including:

  • overall database status,

  • number of alerts, and

  • memory, CPU, and disk usage.

If you select Show all in the Alerts tile, you can view and configure alerts. In the video, we look at the Inactive Streaming applications alert:

We show you how to:

  • set thresholds for prioritized alerting,

  • add email recipients, and

  • trigger alert checkers.

After monitoring system behavior, next, we monitor the project we created in the previous video, ‘testproject’. We look at the System, Network, Streams, and Adapters tabs. In the Streams tab, you can view QueueDepth and RowsInStore. Here’s a screengrab from the video:

PriceFeed and VWAP have 99 and 26 records in their log store, respectively. If you select a stream, you can see more detailed info, including rows/transaction throughput history.

Finally, in the Adapters tab, you can view the adapters in the project and their status:

Check it out for yourself here! And that’s all she wrote!

So, whether you’re a newbie looking to get your feet wet or a wily veteran just looking for a refresher, be sure to check out our video tutorial series on studio and cockpit. Part 1 is already available, and part 2 will be out very soon. Also, if you have any ideas for more videos we could make, let us know in the comments below!

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