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The new design for SAP Intelligent RPA is planned to be available with the 2109 release. Many customers, partners and SAP Community members gave us constantly feedback on the UX of SAP Intelligent RPA. As always we hear on our community and we have approved our UX for SAP Intelligent RPA in the the Cloud Factory and in the Cloud Studio.

In addition the UX of SAP Intelligent RPA is now aligned with other SAP products like SAP AI Business Services where we plan to integrate the Document Information Extraction Service with the upcoming 2109 release.

Changes in the Cloud Factory

In the Cloud Factory the major change is the deactivation of the 'Letterboxing' so we have now the full page available to present more information. We will add more cards here in the future.

We also changed all overview pages from cards to list design. This will provide a better and faster overview on the different pages and shows also the information in a better structured way:

The overview page for the Packages has also a new design. The page shows now a list of all available packages with a potential drill down in all versions of a package:

Changes in the Cloud Studio

We fully renewed the Cloud Studio overview page. You can now see all Artifacts (fka Content) on the first page. As we moved the 'Generate Package' and the 'Share' button to the shell bar you are now able to generate a package and to share a project from each tab in the project.

On the screens for the different artifacts you will find now the debug button in the left upper corner on top of the timeline together with the test button. You can find all artifacts now via the search bar on the left side.


With the new UX we fulfil the demand from our customers to improve SAP Intelligent RPA also in this area, in addition we deliver now a seamless experience across different SAP BTP services and SAP solutions.

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