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Content Agent Service is NOW available with a User Interface through which a SAP BTP account Admin can easily perform content management operations.

Content Agent Service is a framework to manage different types of content in the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment.

You can easily export, import and transport your content between SAP BTP sub-accounts as MTA download or via SAP Cloud Transport Management Service.

A check for dependencies and related content is included in the service.

With Content Agent Service you gain transparency on all content in all your available SAP BTP sub-accounts, you can resolve dependencies and combine packages for multiple transports. As a result, you get rid of all manual transport errors.

  • You can browse, select, import, and export content artifacts using the content agent service UI

  • You can view list of content types which are available in the sub-account

  • You can export content with its dependencies and related content between sub-accounts

  • You can view activities performed in the UI

Content Agent Service in SAP Help Portal

Here is a first screenshot of the new User Interface:

On the left side you have the navigation to different activities. In the main screen you see the most important information to get an overview on already performed actions, the connection status to the Transport Management Service and frequently used operations.

Here is the blog with a video that shows how you can navigate and make use of the different functionality of the Content Agent Service.

Another blog shows the latest feature, where Content Agent Service is the basis to transport content inside the SAP BUILD Process Automation.

Stay tuned for more news on Content Agent Service!
Best Regards

Stefan Jakobi

Product Manager @ Cloud & Lifecycle Management