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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
I've been using SAP Conversational AI for a while, and learned as I went along about the Test panel and the Chat Preview (previously known as the Chat With Your Bot panel). While using them I came across the JSON preview, and then the relatively new Debug panel.

But I hadn't gotten a complete explanation of when to use each, and what each part of these "debugging" tools do.

So, of course, I decided to write a tutorial to let people really learn what they do and what they are for, while playing with them and having a good time. The tutorial is called Debug Your SAP Conversational AI Chatbot.

Among the things it explains:

  • What is the true purpose of the Test Panel?

  • What can learn from the JSON behind a conversation?

  • How does the Debug panel behave during different events in the conversation?

  • How can you find problems in the chatbot from the Debug Panel?

And finally, it explains the inner workings of an SAP Conversational AI chatbot. You know, how skills are selected, like I've written in my 2 previous blogs: How the heck does a chatbot work? and How the heck does a chatbot work? Now with disambiguation.

I won't reprint the graphic -- I am tempted, because I like it so much -- but here's the link.

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