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Dear all,

SCN Users, Fans, Customers and Supporters of SAP Cloud Appliance Library: we finally made it.

All of you are used to our well known SCN landing page ( which served as our home for quite a while. The page had a long history - we are already having Version 55 online. Although we would have loved to continue using this page we were facing scalability issues with that. The good news is, it is getting better.

Starting on November-18 we are going to have our own SCN space - YES, our own space. Allow me to share the link with you already. You will be able to access it once is it live:

So what does that mean for you?

1) Did you bookmark the old homepage? Now you need to follow the new space because bookmarks (as you are used with our old page) don't work. Simply choose the Follow button on the top right corner. If you quickly want to navigate to our new space, go to "Browse" - "Places" - "Following" - "SAP Cloud Appliance Library". I know that bookmarks can be accessed faster, but it is as it is.

2) All the direct links to the documents, polls and blogs will continue to work - if you find a link which worked for SAP Cloud Appliance Library before let us know and we will look at the issue.

3) We now have a forum which allows us to have a proper discussion instead of using the comment function of the blog or document. This allows you to mark questions appropriately and to work on your forum related missions. With a forum we also have proper search functionality now so that you can look for answers in one place.

4) The landing page now comes with different layout and design. A space allows us to have a better structure. Let us know if you are missing anything on the new landing page.

Overall, I'm excited and can't wait until November-18 when the new space goes live!