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We’ll be hosting a new LinkedIn Live for SAP HANA Cloud, focusing on new capabilities in the March 2021 release (you can always check out the previous one, too). Product Managers Thomas Hammer and Tom Slee discuss what exactly is in the new release. You’ll now have multiple database components within HANA Cloud, and can use them independently in some cases.

SAP HANA Cloud marketecture

Those database components are:

  • SAP HANA database:

    • In-memory speed and compression

    • Process and store business data types with smart multi-model processing—machine learning, graph, spatial, and document store capabilities

    • Perform real-time analytics and high-performance transactions without tuning

  • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

    • Provide a highly compatible managed cloud option for SAP ASE customers

    • Offer high speed data ingestion for SAP HANA users

    • Extend SAP ASE systems with the many capabilities offered in SAP HANA Cloud

  • Data lake

    • Support existing SAP IQ applications

    • Allow to migrate on-premise IQ databases to the public cloud as managed services

    • Ingest, store, and query high volume of unfrequently updated data cost-effectively

  • SAP Replication Server

    • Provide flexible and high-performance data replication between SAP ASE components

    • Maintain data transactionally consistent across database

    • Use efficient bidirectional log-based replication

The data lake capabilities are available in the SAP HANA Cloud trial. To participate in Early Adopter programs for the other capabilities, reach out to your SAP representative. Let us know what you think of the new capabilities!

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