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SAP recently issued a corporate newsbyte announcing the availability of a new online SAP HANA course for developers. This course will be the launching pad for the new openSAP platform, and will be offered free of charge.

openSAP is a new initiative that originates from openHPI, the initiative out of the Hasso Plattner Institute, and mimics its concept and approach of a Massive Open Online Course. With openSAP, SAP is introducing a new way of learning which is open to everyone and free of charge to learners. The new openSAP kicks off with a course entitled “Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA”, which comprises the following elements: SAP HANA Development Scenarios; Database Tasks, Loading, and Modeling; SQLScript Basics; Exposing and Consuming Data with Odata; Exposing and Consuming Data with Server-Side JavaScript; and SAP HANA Advanced Development Options.

The course is based on mixture of lectures and system demos (delivery through video), supporting material (slide decks, handouts), and self-tests. Students need to submit homework on a weekly basis and adhere to deadlines. The homework is graded and contributes to the points required to receive a statement of accomplishment. Students can discuss the course content in an online forum, and the course ends with a final exam. The average duration of the video lectures is 90 minutes per week. Combined with additional self-study and homework, the average effort required to successfully complete the openSAP course will be half a day per week. This makes it easy for students to combine courses with their other responsibilities.

The SAP HANA course on openSAP complements the existing offerings around SAP HANA which are available from SAP Education, but as there might be some confusion around how to differentiate our offerings, I thought I would offer up this snapshot to help clarify:

  • Course content
    There is only a small content overlap with the SAP Education courses, such as introductory parts as in the HA100. The main part of the new openSAP course complements the current SAP Education course offering around HANA.
  • Target audience
    The openSAP HANA course addresses programmers who develop applications natively on SAP HANA, based on SQLScript, OData, server-side JavaScript, and SAPUI5. Such application programming is not in the context of SAP Business Suite or any other ABAP-based applications, therefore the target audience for the new course is not the typical or “classic” ABAP developer.
  • openSAP exam
    The openSAP course includes weekly assessments and a final assessment to finish off the course. These assessments help participants to measure their own learning progress throughout the course and the final assessment is an opportunity for them to check that they have covered the whole course. Successful examinees receive a “record of achievement”, though this does not qualify students for an SAP Certification as this can only be achieved within SAP Education’s certification program.

For more information, please see our comprehensive listing of all SAP HANA courses and certifications available from SAP Education.