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Since November 29 2019 a new support package 3 for ST-A/PI release 01T is available for download. With this plug-in nine new key figures have been shipped for Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager and around 110 existing key figures were updated. The plug-in contains (besides others)


The logic for all “cancellation” type key figures in all application areas has been changed. They are now working with a throughput logic (data is stored under the date of cancellations) and no longer with a backlog logic (data is stored under the date of data collection).

Financial Accounting

  • New G/L account usage per fiscal year & CoCo

  • New Payment runs per company code

  • New Assets under construction not deactivated

  • Number of FI line items posted got now BSEG-KOART also as filter & group by parameter and BSEG-ZTERM is now available in result list as well as filter & group by parameter.

  • Company code usage in FI documents got company code as new group by field

  • LT: FI-AP item creation > item clearing renamed to LT: FI-AP item baseline > item clearing and LT: FI-AR item creation > item clearing renamed to LT: FI-AR item baseline > item clearing. The baseline date is now included in the result list and is used as new default value for lead time calculation (previously the default was posting date).

  • Key figure 'Payment runs per day' was renamed to 'Payment run postings per day' as this is what is measured.

  • Exceptions during payment runs got now ‘run ID’ as group by parameter

  • Electronic bank statement items not completely posted got FEBEP-VGEXT as group by field

  • Open items on GR/IR clearing accounts got a new logic so that correct GR/IR accounts should be found more accurately based on the existing system configuration.

  • Exceptions in Depreciation Run identified only exceptions with program RAPOST2000 so far. This was extended to transaction code AFABN and other depreciation programs.

Sales & Logistics Execution

A new key figure category was introduced with ST-A/PI 01T support package 2, the so-called Process Progress key figures. In the area of sales the following new key figures were introduced:

  • Sales order item creation to FI-AR clearing

  • ICo Sales order item creation to ICo billing document

Other new key figures were

  • Delivery items with erroneous output

  • SD items with erroneous output

The following key figures were enhanced:

  • Sales invoices created got TCODE as new column in result list and based on the TCODE information the automation rate is refined if the posting status is 'C’.

  • Sales document type usage (cross sales area) got document type as new group by field.

  • Output type usage in shipping, Output type usage in inbound deliveries, Output type usage in sales & Output type usage in billing got output type as new group by field.

  • Condition type usage in sales documents (cross SOrg) got condition type as new group by field.


  • Purchase order items created, Automation rate: Purchase Orders & Automation rate: Purchase Order items got TCODE as new column in result list and based on the TCODE information the automation rate is refined.

  • Purchase order items created w/o reference to contract got a new column "Price not favorable" is provided in result list. The column is filled if the purchase order price per unit is higher than the price per unit in the related contract.

  • Output type usage in purchase orders got output type as group by field.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Planning

  • Material BOM usage in discrete manufacturing (per plant), Work center usage via routing (per plant), Material BOM usage in process manufacturing (per plant) & Resource usage via master recipe (per plant) got different corrections and a change in logic so that the selected time frame is not only used for the usage count but also for the document selection itself.

  • Routings usage in discrete manufacturing (per mater./plant) & Master recipe usage in process mfg. (per material/plant) got different corrections as

    • Plant filter was not always applied

    • Duplicate entries could occur

    • Entries with no materials could be shown.

  • MRP Planning file - materials marked for deletion & MRP Planning file materials - status does not allow planning always returned zero in the past. This is now corrected. Only the MDVM based key figures had those problems not the DBVM based ones.

  • Order type usage in process orders (per plant) got order type as group by field.

Plant Maintenance & Customer Service

  • Order type usage in network orders (cross-plant) got order type as group by field.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

  • For Stock level of returns stock & Stock level of returns stock (batch level) the stock valuation was corrected.

  • All Goods Movement key figures got the debit/credit indicator in the result list. The value for the throughput key figures is no longer determined based on the current stock valuation but taken from the value transferred to accounting.

  • All SAP Extended Warehouse Management key figures and all SAP Transport Management key figures can now also be used for SAP S/4HANA as of 1610 and 1709 respectively.

Master Data Management

  • New Materials in certain status (cross-plant)

  • New Purchasing info record usage in purchase docs (cross-POrg)

  • Materials without standard price & Materials without moving average price got MARA-LVORM, MARC-NCOST, LVORM, MMSTA are all new in result list and as filter parameter. MBEW-EKALR new in result list.

  • Customer master usage in FI-AR (per CoCo), Customer master usage in FI-AR (cross CoCo), Vendor master usage in FI-AP (per CoCo) & Vendor master usage in FI-AP (cross-CoCo) got new selection parameter 'Include open items" so that the usage is based on cleared as well as open items.

  • Most usage key figures around material, vendor or customer master consume now less memory and show better performance.

The complete list of all available key figures can be accessed via the KPI catalog if you filter on KPI provider ‘Business Process Analytics’ that you find at (S-user or P-user login required)


Further reading

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