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Since October 13 2017 a new support package 3 is available for download for ST-A/PI 01S. With this plug-in support package close to 60 new key figures have been shipped for Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager and around 90 existing key figures were updated. The plug-in support package contains (besides others)


  • New FI document type usage (cross company code)

  • New Company Code usage in FI documents

  • New Open items FI-GL (aggregated)

  • Paym. terms in cleared FI invoice differ from MM is no longer comparing RBKP-ZTERM as this is normally empty (see SAP note 322430)

Controlling & Management Accounting

  • New Number of CO postings

  • New Number of CO line items posted

  • New CO orders w/o settlement rule

  • New Sales document items w/o settlement rule

  • New Internal orders created but not released

  • New Internal orders released but not TECOed

  • New CO postings manually created

  • New CO line items manually created

  • New Config. check "write line items"

  • New Customizing check "Generate line items"

  • New Cost centers out of validity

  • New Cost center usage in actual CO line items

  • New Profit center usage in actual PCA line items (per CO area)

  • New Order type usage in internal orders

  • New Secondary cost element usage in actual CO line items

  • New Profit Centers out of validity


  • New Sales documents with erroneous output

  • New Changes in SD billing documents

  • New Billing Documents with erroneous output

  • New Deleted Items in Sales documents

  • New Item category usage

  • Sales documents created & Automation rate: Sales Orders & Sales order items rejected / cancelled & Manual Condition Changes on SD Document items & Changes in sales documents got PO type (VBAK-BSARK) as new selection & group by parameter

  • Shipments within certain status (info if delivery exists)

  • Overdue sales schedule line items got under-delivery tolerance as new field in detail list

  • Sales document items overdue for billing gotbilling relevance’ as new filter parameter and in detail list

Logistics Execution

  • New Deliveries with erroneous output

  • New Config check: Document Flow Update from MM to LE

  • New Changes in shipments

  • New Deleted deliveries in shipments

  • New Changes in deliveries

  • New Overdue inbound delivery items with completed PO items


  • New Overdue PO items w/o any confirmation

  • New Overdue PO items with only partially confirmed inbound deliveries

  • New Open PO items with overdue inbound delivery items

  • New Purchase orders with erroneous output

  • New Cash discounts in release order different from MM contract

  • New Payment days in release order different from MM contract

  • New Cash discount in purchase order different from vendor master

  • New Payment days in purchase order different from vendor master

  • All purchase order item, STO item and outline agreement item key figures (where applicable) have material type now as filter parameter and in detail list

  • Purchase order items open & overdue and Overdue purchase order schedule lines with MRP list got under-delivery tolerance & last possible GR date in detail list

Plant Maintenance & Customer Service

  • New Changes in PM/CS notifications

  • New Changes in PM/CS orders

  • PM/CS orders overdue for deletion flag -The basic finish date is now the reference date and not the change date. All orders overdue for deletion flag are now considered and not only 'closed' ones.

Master Data Management

  • New Changes to material master

  • New Changes to customer master

  • New Changes to vendor master

  • New Changes to purchasing info records

  • New Terms of Payment usage in FI-AP invoices

  • New Terms of Payment usage in FI-AR invoices

  • New Terms of Payment usage in SD billing documents

  • New Terms of Payment usage in Purchasing documents

Transportation Management

  • New Overdue Freight Settlement Documents not yet transferred to ECC

  • Overdue Freight Settlement documents not successfully transferred

  • New Overdue Forwarding Settlement Documents not yet transferred to ECC

  • Overdue Forwarding Settlement documents not successfully transferred

  • All existing key figures around transportation requests, transportation orders, freight settlement documents and forwarding settlement documents got a new time range filter for selection and many additional fields in the detail list

The complete list of all available key figures can be accessed via the KPI catalog if you filter on KPI provider 'Business Process Analytics' that you find at (S-user login required)

The key figures mentioned in this blog show up with the ‘New’ or ‘Updated’ attribute.

Further reading

You can find all necessary information about Business Process Analytics in this Wiki. More information on Business Process Improvement for SAP solutions can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process Monitoring and Business Process Analytics are answered at and respectively.

The following blogs (in chronological order) provide further details about Business Process Analytics functionalities within the SAP Solution Manager.