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Last week on Monday (October 14th, 2013) the new support package 2 for the ST-A/PI 01Q plug-in was shipped to customers and this means that many new key figures have been shipped for Business Process Monitoring and Business Process Analytics in SAP Solution Manager. This blog will give a short overview about what is new. The plug-in contains content for new areas like Travel & Expense Management and SAP for Banking. Also for Utilities new and enhanced content was shipped.

The new ST-A/PI 01Q support package 2 is available for download and can be found under (SMP login required)

A complete list/catalog of all available out-of-the-box key figures is available as MS PowerPoint presentation at (SMP login required in both cases)



  1. On slides 2,3 and 4 (Table of Content) you can find hyperlinks where you can directly access the respective chapter of interest. 
  2. For application related key figures you find some of the listed Selection Options in bold letters. Those Selection Options are available as "Group by" fields in Business Process Analytics.

Key figure news summary for selected areas

A new monitoring object "Travel Expense Claim" with new key figures has been developed for Travel & Expense Management:
  • Completed trips in status 'open‘
  • Completed trips in status 'to be settled‘ (status of related business workflow can be included)
  • Approved trips in status 'to be settled‘
  • Rejected / cancelled trips
  • Settled trips not yet transferred to FI
  • Exceptions for trips during FI posting
  • Recorded trip requests in status 'open‘
  • Recorded trip requests in status 'to be settled‘
  • Approved trip requests in status 'to be settled‘
  • Lead Time: Trip end -> trip settlement [in days]


New monitoring objects and key figures have been developed for SAP for Banking (IS-B):
  • Post Processing Office Orders (open orders in PPO)
  • Payment items (overdue payment items in post control office)
  • Payment distribution (unfinished payment distribution items)
  • Billing (delayed billing replication for loans payment)


A new monitoring object "Business Process Exception Management Cases" and key figures has been developed for SAP for Utilities (IS-U):
  • BPEM cases created
  • Overdue BPEM cases

New monitoring objects and key figures have been developed for Nota Fiscal (required in Brazil) processing, e.g.:
  • Response time for NFe authorization requests
  • Response time for NFe cancellation requests
  • Waiting time for NFe Processing


New key figures were introduced for Sales Document items, Purchase Order items, Open items (FI-AP / FI-AR), Exceptions in Cost Object Controlling. Some examples are:
  • Billing plan dates not billed
  • Changes of purchase order items
  • Exceptions for open items FI-AP during payment run
  • Exceptions for open items FI-AR during payment run
  • Exceptions in PP order settlement (transaction CO88)
  • Exceptions in sales order settlement (transaction VA88)
  • Exceptions in internal order settlement (transaction KO8G)


The following key figures related to FI postings received new, additional group by fields to break-down data accoording to transaction code, business transaction and reference transaction:

  • Number of FI postings
  • Number of FI posting line items
  • Automation rate: FI documents (here also the logic for automation rate calculation was refined)

Further reading

You can find all necessary information about Business Process Analytics in this document.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process Monitoring and Business Process Analytics are answered under and respectively.

The following blogs (in chronological order) provide further details about Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoring functionalities within the SAP Solution Manager.

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