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Since December 7 2015 the latest ST-A/PI 01S plug-in is available for download. With this plug-in close to 100 new key figures have been shipped for Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager and over 100 existing key figures were updated. This blog deals only with the new content. The updated content is summarized in a separate blog.The plug-in contains (besides others)

  • New workflow related key figures for CRM sales and services
  • New key figures checking configuration settings in FI-GL (line item update open item management)
  • New key figures related to FI-AP clearing and the comparison with related MM invoice or vendor master data
  • New key figures for contract accounting FI-CA (locked accounts and open items)
  • New key figures regarding commitment items generated from purchasing documents
  • New key figures for Dealer Business Management in the automotive area
  • New billing, invoicing and bill print-out key figures for IS Utilities
  • New key figures for inventory optimization regarding project, sales order and consignment stock
  • New key figures for Physical Inventory Documents
  • New purchase order key figures for goods as well as services purchases (service entry sheets)
  • New MM contract key figures regarding different release information
  • New key figures regarding purchasing information records
  • New sales order item key figures (regarding billing, rescheduling, condition changes)
  • New APO key figures regarding planning run exceptions and backorder processing (BOP)
  • New leave request key figure
  • New key figures for QM notifications

The complete list of new key figures can be accessed via the KPI catalog that you find at (S-user login required)

When you access the catalog, then you can filter in the New / Updated area on New. Additionally you might want to filter on Business Process Analytics to only see application specific key figure content.

You then get to see all the 95 new key figures in our area.

Of course you can set additional filters as described in the general blog about the KPI catalog,so that you can find key figures only for your area of interest.

Important remark: In order to better align the KPI catalog and the Business Process Analytics & Monitoring setup in SAP Solution Manager, the application areas used for filtering in the SAP Solution Manager got readjusted with ST-A/PI 01S. Hence the new application areas BPO* should be used for role authorizations in SAP Solution Manager and transaction ST13. If you apply the new ST-A/PI 01S on your managed system, then you might see twice as many application areas as filters in the Business Process Monitoring setup. This UI problem is solved with support package 14. For support package 12 or 13 you can implement SAP note 2109939 - Advance Corrections BPMon SM 7.1 ST710 delivered with SP14 to get this solved.

Further reading

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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process Monitoring and Business Process Analytics are answered under and respectively.

The following blogs (in chronological order) provide further details about Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoring functionalities within the SAP Solution Manager.