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As you probably know the SAP system logs error and warning messages during every delivery due processing - no matter if performed in dialog or background mode. For many, many years you could only analyze those messages via transaction V_SA or report SDSAMAN4 - the later is probably not known to many of you. Anyway this “old” transaction V_SA has several limitations

  • Filtering is only possible on shipping point and creation user but not on document types, sales organizations etc.
  • No context information like document type, SOrg, Distribution Channel etc. is provided in the output list
  • No information is given if the exception is still valid or if the document has been posted meanwhile
  • No reference date can be chosen or displayed (e.g. GI date or delivery date)
  • Column „errors“ in the output list rolls-up errors and warnings where warnings are typically no exception in the narrower sense.
  • No overview about exception messages in given
  • No differentiation between outbound deliveries (sales) & replenishment deliveries (STO) is provided.

All these limitations have been overcome with new SAP Solution Manager key figures

  • “Exceptions during delivery due processing (sales)”
  • “Exceptions during delivery due processing (STO)”

that are shipped with the latest ST-A/PI 01Q*. The new ST-A/PI can be downloaded via the SAP Service Marketplace  You can use these new key figures for Business Process Analytics or Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager. You can find those new key figures in the setup environment at

  • Application Area "Sales & Services" > Sales Document Items > Exceptions during del. due processing (sales) or
  • Application Area "Procurement" > Stock Transport Orders > Exceptions during del. due processing (STO)

These key figures provide log information with different context information. It filters only on outbound/replenishment deliveries related to sales or STO respectively  and ignores warning messages. Every entry in the result list still requires a delivery creation, i.e. the corresponding sales order is still in table VEPVG or the corresponding STO in table VETVG. The column Number of shows how often the same exception for the same item was raised within the selected time frame. The Error Message Text immediately indicates the problem, e.g. insufficient stock, blocking situation, incomplete order, master data not maintained. The key figure "Exceptions during del. due processing (sales)" can display not only exceptions to single sales orders but also related to scheduling agreements. The default value for document category in the selection screen is ‘C’. You have to switch this value to ‘E’, if you are interested in scheduling agreements or you have to keep this field blank.

Example screenshots

An example detail list for "Exceptions during del. due processing (sales)" could look as follows:

An example detail list for "Exceptions during del. due processing (STO)" could look as follows:

Further reading

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