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As described in my previous blog about new key figure content, since December 7 2015 the new ST-A/PI 01S was released and hence close to 100 new key figures have been shipped for Business Process Analytics and Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager, and over 100 existing key figures were updated. This blog will deal with new features of the KPI catalog and will summarize which key figure areas were updated. You can access the KPI catalog via

Technical prerequisites for an KPI

Another new feature is the Prerequisites tab. There you can see which software components are required on your managed SAP system (ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM, S/4HANA) in order to be able to execute the respective KPI (version).

KPI versions

All 110 KPIs that got updated with ST-A/PI 01S, now got a new 2nd version. The technical prerequisites that you see per default are always related to the latest available KPI version. If you click on the Versions tab, then you see all different versions available. You also see some short release notes on what has changed in the new version.

Typical changes are

  • new selection parameters
  • new output fields in the result list
  • new group by fields for historic trending
  • different program logic to make a key figure more specific/relevant for certain use cases

The version in bold font type, is the one that you are currently looking at. If you click on a different version, then you can also see the technical prerequisites for this older version.

Updated Business Process Analytics & Monitoring content

Main areas of key figure enhancements were the following

  • Open & overdue vendor items got more header related BKPF fields and relevant vendor master data
  • Open & overdue customer items got more header related BKPF fields
  • Additional logic, input and output parameters for Payment runs per day
  • Further output fields for bank statement key figures
  • Open items FI-GLgot more header related BKPF fields
  • Automation rates for vendor/customer payments got additional check for batch input processing
  • Open dispute case key figures got value benchmarking activated based on disputed amount
  • Open promise to pay case key figures got value benchmarking activated based on calculated open amount
  • More input and output fields for Confirmation key figures
  • New logic and additional output fields for Stock-level key figures for Inventory Optimization
  • Planned order key figures with additional MRP list fields in result list
  • Production / process orders key figures with many additional output fields
  • New logic and renaming of Exceptions in incomplete purchase orders and Exceptions in MM invoices (status 'with errors')
  • Additional calculation of invoice receipt quantity for Purchase order items w/o 'final invoice' indicator
  • New output fields in many purchase requisition and Stock Transport Order key figures
  • Additional logic and output fields for MM contract and MM scheduling agreement key figures on item level
  • New output fields for SD invoices not posted to FI and Sales invoices with open FI-AR items
  • Location type as new selection parameter for planned order and purchase requisition key figures in APO
  • New general vendor/customer master data in Generic vendor/customer master check (CompCode level)
  • "Category" as new selection and group by parameter in PM/CS order key figures

Further reading

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