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SAP Business Applications Studio (aka BAS), offers important new capabilities for Java developers. If you’re developing Java-based applications in BAS, make sure to keep on reading 😉

Support for JavaSE-1.8

In addition to JavaSE-11, BAS now supports JavaSE-1.8.
To change the default Java version for your dev space, enter the Java: Set Default JDK command in the command palette, and choose between the two versions.

The default version is available via the terminal and is used to build your projects unless a different version is specified in your build tools (for example, if you’re using Maven, a specific Java version can be defined in the ‘pom.xml’ file).

The Java projects’ view

The Java projects’ view offers an alternative view to your project that reflects the structure of the Java packages.

You can create new packages and new classes from the view and perform additional actions, such as rename, delete, and more.

Testing Java applications

You can run and debug Java test cases using the Java Test Runner.

Click the test tube icon to open the Java Test Runner. Use the test explorer to get a full view of all the tests identified in the workspace.

Run or debug all tests or a single test directly from the code or from the Test Explorer.

After the tests run, you can check the status and open the test report from the status bar.

The report opens in a new tab and shows details for every test that was run. In addition, you can navigate to the test source code from the test report.


I hope you find these new features useful.

To get more information on SAP Business Application Studio, check out the info blog post.

We would be very interested to hear your input, so feel free to share your  ideas or add a comment below.

Happy coding!